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A letter from the President of the Multicultural Greek Council:

The Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) was created as a space to foster, promote, and embrace multiculturalism in the Greek community. As a council, we strive to always create a space within and outside of MGC that encourages unity, friendship, and cultural celebration. Currently, within our Council, we have five Greek chapters at the University of Toledo. There are three Latinx based organizations: Alpha Psi Lambda, Sigma Lambda Beta, and Sigma Lambda Gamma. We also have two Muslim based organizations: Mu Delta Alpha and Alpha Lambda Mu. Despite our cultural roots we offer multicultural attendance and accept all those that want to join us. We also have the pleasure of diversity within our council, not only from our different cultures but also our gender identities as we have two fraternities, two sororities, and a co-ed fraternity within the Multicultural Greek Council. 

The members of our council all joined for their own reasons but having found family within MGC is one of the biggest, especially for those that are far from their hometowns or didn’t grow up with siblings of their own. We also have many that found Greek life allowed them to push and grow as professionals and leaders, not only at UT but beyond into their professional careers. Having a smaller Greek life experience allows us to ensure all members will be welcomed into their respective families and be able to shape the future of their organizations. We all share similar values in which we strive to hold ourselves accountable to in our daily lives, these include academics, service, community involvement, and siblinghood. 
Greek life can be a daunting choice to face when coming to college, but it can be something that changes your life forever. You can find a cultural connection that you lost or maybe never had. You will get a family that stands by you through every win and loss of your college career. Look around at all Greek chapters and find the one that matches your values and beliefs and truly makes you feel welcome. Family is more than blood and your Greek family will push you to greater heights and encourage your success here at the University of Toledo! 


Leonardo Menchaca

Multicultural Greek Council President 

Last Updated: 7/20/23