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MGC Welcome

A letter from the President of the Multicultural Greek Council:


The Multicultural Greek Council was created as a space to foster, promote, and embrace multiculturalism in the greek community. As a council, we strive to always create a space within and outside of our council that encourages unity and friendship. Currently, within our Council, we have three Latina/o based organizations Alpha Psi Lambda, Sigma Lambda Beta, and Sigma Lambda Gamma. Despite our Latin roots, we are multicultural in the acceptance of our members I am Asian and black.

We all joined for the family especially those of us that are far from home or lack brothers or sisters of our own. Some wanted to grow professionally as leaders on campus so sought out an opportunity to do so. But most of us identified with the members of the organization and wanted friendship. We all share similar values in which we strive to hold ourselves accountable in our daily lives. These include Academics, Services/ community involvement, and sisterhood/brotherhood/ siblinghood.

I never wanted to be a part of greek life upon coming to UT I didn't quite understand what it would entail and I thought it wasn't for me until I met the women of Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority Inc. and instantly connected with them and only after reading into their values did I know it was definitely for me.




Last Updated: 6/27/22