University of Toledo

Frequently Asked Questions

Obtaining Services

Can anyone make an appointment at the University health centers?

Students registered for one or more credit hours are eligible to use services at either health center ― on Main Campus or Health Science Campus.

Spouses and children of students ARE NOT eligible to use the University health centers. They may seek care at the Comprehensive Care Center near the Health Science Campus or with other UTMC providers.

Do University health centers take other insurance plans besides the UToledo student health insurance plan?

Yes. University health centers provide third party billing to many insurance companies. You are responsible for contacting your health insurance company to verify benefits and coverage.

Can I waive the University student health insurance?

Yes. If you have alternate medical and prescription coverage, you can submit a waiver and the insurance fee will be removed from your account. Learn more about the student insurance plan requirements and find directions for waiving the insurance here.


Will anyone know why I came to the University health center?

No. Once you reach the age of 18, we have a legal and ethical right to protect your privacy. We are unable to release any information pertaining to your visit without your written consent, unless it is a public health issue or a matter of law. Learn more about our privacy policies.

I'm 17. Can I use the medical centers on campus?

We will need written permission from a parent or guardian before we can provide you with medical care. We don't need permission if you are seeking care for sexually transmitted diseases, birth control and pregnancy determination/counseling.

If you are 17 when you enter UToledo, you will be directed to fill out a Consent to Treat form when you fill out a housing application. Having this form on file will decrease your wait time to be treated. You may request a form by calling 419.530.3451.


I have a chronic health condition. Can the campus medical center care for me?

Yes. Our providers can work with your family physician to manage chronic conditions. Call 419.530.3451 to discuss a care plan.

Can I transfer my prescription to the campus pharmacy?

Yes. You can bring in a prescription or have your physician call one of our campus pharmacies. We have four convenient locations, one on Main Campus and three on or near the Health Science Campus. You can even order refills online.

Last Updated: 12/20/23