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Public Health - Pre-Med

Public Health Pre-Med would be a wise choice for you if you enjoy health related topics and desire to improve the lives of people. By choosing the Public Health Pre-Med track you  can learn valuable skills that will prepare you for the workforce if you decide not to pursue further medical education once the bachelors degree is complete. 

The Division of Public Health Education has decided to create a new Pre-Med track option within the existing Bachelors of Science in Public Health. Currently, the existing program meets all of the accreditation requirements thought he core public health courses and includes a variety of other classes to supplement this core. The new Pre-Med track will be targeted towards those students who are interested in pursuing a medical degree but also want the opportunity to work after their bachelors if they choose not to pursue medicine. After discussions with the College of Medicine chairs of the Department of Pediatrics and Department of Family Medicine, they both felt that this was an excellent Pre-Med choice for students. 

Public Health Pre-Med PLAN OF STUDY

Why Study Public Health Pre-Med at UToledo?

The University of Toledo has a strong public health  and health education program with an excellent track record of success. In 2003 and 2008, the program was awarded a full five-year accreditation by the Society for Public Health (SOPHE) and Association for the Advancement of Health Education (AAHE). Students in the Public Health Program at The University of Toledo enjoy an innovative blend of classroom and field experience. During your public health studies at U.T., you explore critical health issues such as nutrition, substance abuse, human sexuality, health behaviors, environmental health, and disease prevention. The curriculum is well designed, thorough, and very interesting.

There are a number of other advantages to joining public health Pre-Med program at The University of Toledo:

  • The quality of teaching provided by our professors is excellent.
  • You will have met the criteria to sit for the MCAT examination.
  • Our class sizes are small and you receive a lot of individual attention.
  • The members of our faculty will know you by name and care for you as a person.
  • You will receive individualized attention from your academic advisor in the College.
  • You will be assigned a faculty member who will serve as your academic/career advisor.
  • You can join Eta Sigma Gamma (National Health Education Honorary) and participate in campus and community service projects.

Department Contact Information

For additional information about the Public Health Pre-Med Major please contact:
Dr. Joseph Dake
Chair, School of Population Health
Phone: (419) 530-2767


Last Updated: 1/23/23