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Recommended Hardware & Software Specs

Low Cost Software and Computer Equipment

IT provides University of Toledo students discounts on personal purchases of Microsoft, Adobe, and other products. Clicking the links below will take you to the websites for these purchases.  

(Note:  These links are for personal purchases only which will be your responsibility for ordering, paying, and maintaining.)

Microsoft and other Software Packages 

Students are licensed to use SPSS, Endnote, and McAfee Anti-Virus at no cost on their personal machines. To download these software packages, log into your MyUTAccount and click on the download links available in the middle of the screen.

PC and Apple Recommendations
The University of Toledo recommends these specs for all student laptops and desktops
Processor Intel Core i5 or i7 (Intel i5 processors are preferred)
Memory 8GB RAM or more (8GB is preferred)
Hard Drive 250 GB or more (256GB or higher SSD drives are preferred)
Wireless Card (Laptops) Wireless cards 802.11 ac  (Intel cards are preferred)                            
Operating System Windows 7 or 10 / Mac OS 10.10 or higher
Software Packages

Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Office 2013 or 2016, Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 or 2016  or Open Office

Anti-virus Software McAfee, Norton, AVG, or Microsoft Windows Defender (Already installed with Windows 10)
Web Browsers Chrome, Firefox, Edge/Internet Explorer (PC only), or Safari (Apple only)
Anti-Spyware/Anti-Adware Malwarebytes or Super Anti-Spyware
Other Programs Adobe Reader and VLC Media Player
Warranty 3 years or more
Accessories Flash drive/Jump drive 4GB or higher, cable lock, laptop carrying bag, network cable
UTAD Account

Your University of Toledo Authentication Domain (UTAD) account provides authenticated access to most of the University’s computing services using a single username and password combination.

To activate your account use your Internet browser to go to:

Help with UTAD account.

MyUT Portal

The MyUT Portal, at, is the one-stop location for most of your online computing needs at The University of Toledo. You'll use it to get class lists, enter final grades, check your vacation and sick time, get your check stubs, view personal info, get to E-mail, and much more.

In order to login to MyUT, you need an active UTAD account, a computer with Internet access, and a recent version of a Web browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari.


The University of Toledo provides its students with a Microsoft Office 365 Outlook email. The e-mail address is in the form (e.g., You can access your e-mail on the Web from MyUT Portal.

Phone and Email Directory

Look in the Online Directory on the MyUT Portal front page. The directory has two main components:

     People Search—lists students, faculty and staff.

     Department Listing—lists all colleges and departments.


Personal purchases: Dell is offering special discounts for The University of Toledo’s students for personal purchases of Dell computers. The website offers a range of choices that we believe will meet the needs of most home users. To check prices, get more information, or place an order, go to: or call Dell Direct at 1-888-973-3355.


Personal purchases:
for personal purchases of Apple computers, other hardware, and software, please visit:


Personal purchases:
for personal purchases of Lenovo products, click here.



If you need to use a computer lab for your class, the first place to check is with your department. They may have a place you can use.  For a comprehensive list of computer labs on and off campus, click here.


Currently, the Wireless network is available in many locations on the University of Toledo Main Campus. Wireless access on the HSC is available in all buildings.  To see instructions on how to connect to our public wireless, click here.

Get Help

By phone:   419.530.2400 (Main Campus) or 419.383.2400 (Health Science Campus)

In person: Information Commons Help Desk located at the Carlson Library

Submit a Help Desk ticket:

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