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Nicole B. Porter

Nicole B. Porter

Professor of Law

Office: LC 2006B
Campus Phone: 419.530.4785
Fax Number: 419.530.7911

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Nicole B. Porter joined the College of Law faculty in 2007 and was the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs from 2010-2012. Prior to Toledo, she was an Assistant Professor of Law at Saint Louis University School of Law. Professor Porter earned her JD, magna cum laude, from the University of Michigan Law School, where she was a member of the Order of the Coif and the Editor in Chief of the University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform. After law school, Porter was in-house counsel for a manufacturing company and practiced employment law in a large law firm in Detroit. She also clerked for the Honorable James L. Ryan, on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. Her research interests focus on the employment rights of women and individuals with disabilities. She teaches Employment Discrimination, Disability Law, Criminal Law, Contracts, and Feminist Legal Theory.



Special Treatment Stigma After the ADA Amendments Act, -- Pepperdine L. Rev. – (forthcoming 2015).

The Difficulty Accommodating Healthcare Workers, -- St. Louis Journal of Health Law & Policy – (forthcoming 2015).

Withdrawn Accommodations, 63 Drake L. Rev. 885 (symposium piece, 2015).

The New ADA Backlash, 82 Tennessee Law Review 1 (2015).

What Disability Means to Me: When the Personal and Professional Collide, 5 HLRe: Off the Record 101 (2015) (Houston Law Review’s Online Companion).

Caregiver Conundrum Redux: The Entrenchment of Structural Norms, 91 Denv. L. Rev. 963 (2015).

A Defining Moment: Book Review of Disability & Equity at Work, 18 Emp. Rights & Emp. Pol’y J. 289 (2015).

Mutual Marginalization: Individuals with Disabilities and Workers with Caregiving Responsibilities, 66 Florida L. Rev. 1099 (2014).

Finding a Fix for the FMLA: A New Perspective, A New Solution, 31 Hofstra Labor and Employment Law Journal 327 (2014).

Choices, Bias, and the Value of the Paycheck Fairness Act: A Response Essay, 29 ABA J. Lab. & Emp. L. 429 (2014).

Women, Unions, and Negotiation, 14 Nevada L. J. 465 (2014).

Symposium: Teaching Labor and Employment Law, A Proposal to Improve the Workplace Law Curriculum from a Corporate Compliance Perspective, 58 Saint Louis University Law Journal 155 (2014).

Symposium: Minding the Gap: Reflections on the Achievement Gap between Men and Women in the Workplace in 2013, The Blame Game: How the Rhetoric of Choice Blames the Achievement Gap on Women, 8 Florida International University Law Review 447 (2013).

Martinizing Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act, 47 Georgia Law Review 527 (2013)

Embracing Caregiving and Respecting Choice: An Essay on the Debate over Changing Gender Norms, 41 Southwestern L. Rev. 1 (2011).

Debunking the Market Myth, 12 Georgetown Journal of Gender & the Law 159 (2011).

Relieving (Most of) the Tension: A Review of Samuel R. Bagenstos, Law & The Contradictions of the Disability Rights movement, 20 Cornell J. Law & Pub. Pol’y 761 (2011)

Synergistic Solutions:  An Integrated Approach to Solving the Caregiver Conundrum for “Real” Workers, 39 Stetson Law Review 777 (2010).

Why Care About Caregivers?: Using Communitarian Theory to Justify Protection of 'Real' Workers, 58 Kansas Law Review 355 (2010).

The Perfect Compromise: Bridging the Gap between At-Will Employment and Just Cause, 87 Nebraska Law Review 62 (2008).

Reasonable Burdens: Resolving the Conflict Between Employees with Disabilities and Their Co-Workers, 34 Florida State Law Review 313 (2007).

Re-Defining Superwoman: An Essay on Overcoming the “Maternal Wall” in the Legal Workplace, 13 Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy 55 (2006) (invited symposium piece).

Victimizing the Abused?  Is Termination the Solution when Domestic Violence Comes to Work?, 12 Michigan Journal of Gender & Law 275 (2006).

A Review of Gender on Trial: Sexual Stereotypes and Work/Life Balance in the Legal Workplace, 6 U. Pa. J. Lab. & Emp. L. 467 (2004).

Sex Plus Age Discrimination: Protecting Older Women Workers, 81 Denv. U. L. Rev. 79 (2003).

Marital Status Discrimination: A Proposal for Title VII Protection, 46 Wayne L. Rev. 1 (2000).


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