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Hungarian Sound Records Collection, n.d. ca. 1982



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Provenance: The Hungarian Sound Recordings Collection was donated to The Ward M. Canaday Center in June 1995 by Mrs. Richard Webster.


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Completed by: Jennifer Myers, February 1996

Reformatted by: Arjun Sabharwal (with corrections), July 2010




            The Hungarian Sound Recordings Collection consists of seventeen (33 1/3 and 78 rpm) recordings of Hungarian folk music, instrumentals, and poetry readings. 


            Four sound discs (all 33 1/3) are from the collection of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.  This collection includes program notes in Hungarian and English with music and song texts in Hungarian. 


            The remaining thirteen sound discs (all 78 rpm) are an assortment of Hungarian songs, instrumentals, and poetry readings recorded by Columbia Records.



Box-Folder Inventory


Box                 Folder            Series                          Item


                                                Sound Recordings


1                                              Lyric Booklet #1         “Hungarian Folk Music, Magyar Népzene 3” LPX 18050-53 MONO [1982]


                                                Lyric Booklet #2         “Hungarian Folk Music 3” Notes and texts LPX 18050-53 MONO [1982]


                        1                      Side 1                          Hungaroton. “Hungarian Folk

                                                                                                Music, Ancient Layers”

                                                                                                [1982] 33 1/3 rpm.


                        1                      Side 2                          Hungaroton. “Hungarian Folk

                                                                                                Music, Ancient Layers”

                                                                                                [1982] 33 1/3 rpm.


                        2                      Side 3                          Hungaroton. “Hungarian Folk

                                                                                                Music, European Heritage”

                                                                                                [1982] 33 1/3 rpm.


                        2                      Side 4                          Hungaroton. “Hungarian Folk

                                                                                                Musik, New Style “

                                                                                                [1982] 33 1/3 rpm.


                        3                      Side 5                          Hungaroton. “Hungarian Folk

                                                                                                Musik, Instrumental Music”

                                                                                                [1982] 33 1/3 rpm.


                        3                      Side 6                          Hungaroton. “Hungarian Folk

                                                                                                Musik, Instrumental Music”

                                                                                                [1982] 33 1/3 rpm.


                        4                      Side 7                          Hungaroton. “Hungarian Folk Musik

                                                                                                Tunes Associated With Folk-

                                                                                                Customs” [1982] 33 1/3 rpm.


                        4                      Side 8                          Hungaroton. “Hungarian Folk Musik

                                                                                                Tunes Associated With Folk

                                                                                                Customs” [1982] 33 1/3 rpm.




Box                 Folder             Series                          Item


1                                              Sound Recordings


                        5                      Side 1                          Columbia. “Pasztor Fiu” (The Shep-

                                                                                                herd Boy) Foreign Series-

                                                                                                Hungarian. [n.d.] 78 rpm.


                        5                      Side 2                          Columbia. “Móriczka Érdeklödik”

                                                                                                (Little Morris is interested)

                                                                                                Foreign Series- Hungarian

                                                                                                [n.d.] 78 rpm.


                        6                      Side 13182                  Columbia. “Madár vígan dalol a lombos ágon” (The bird happily sings on a leafy branch)                                                                                                    

                                                                                                [n.d.] 78 rpm.


                        6                      Side 13192                  Columbia. “Kossuth Lajos azt üzente” (Lajos Kossuth has sent that)

                                                                                                [n.d.] 78 rpm.


                        7                      Side 66703                  Columbia. “Hiába jársz A templomba” (You Go to church in vain)

                                                                                                Magyar-Hungarian [n.d.] 78 rpm.        



                        7                      Side 66704                  Columbia. “ Kedves anyám Ne írj nékem” (Dear Mother, do not write me) 


                                                                                                [n.d.] 78 rpm.


                        8                      Side 68059                  Columbia. “Mondják Meg A Legkisebbik” (Tell the smallest)

                                                                                                Hungarian Folk Song.

                                                                                                [n.d.] 78 rpm.


8                      Side 68063                  Columbia. “Huzzad Csak” (just play the tune) Hungarian Folk Song. [n.d.] 78 rpm.


                        9                      Side 68073                  Columbia. “Egy kicsikét zavart vagyok” (I’m a bit confused)

Hungarian- Tenor Solo.

                                                                                                [n.d.] 78 rpm.


                        9                      Side 68077                  Columbia. “Ha Te Innen El Nem Mennél” (if you did not leave here)

Hungarian-Tenor Solo. [n.d.] 78 rpm




Box     Folder             Series                          Item


1                                  Sound Recordings


            10                    Side 67513                  Columbia. “M?vész Muri” Hungarian-Vocal

                                                                                    Duet [n.d.] 78 rpm.


            10                    Side 67514                  Columbia. “M?vész Muri” Hungarian-Vocal

                                                                                    Duet. [n.d.] 78 rpm.


            11                    Side 67515                  Columbia. “M?vész Muri” Hungarian-Duet.

                                                                                    [n.d.] 78 rpm.


            11                    Side 67516                  Columbia. “M?vész Muri” Hungarian-Duet.

                                                                                    [n.d.] 78 rpm.


            12                    Side 66295                  Columbia. “Dicsértessék Szól A Legény” (praise calls the lad)

                                                                                    Foreign Series-Hungarian. [n.d.] 78 rpm.



            12                    Side 66297                  Columbia. “ Hej. Czigány Hallod e?” (hey gypsy, can you hear?)

                                                                                    Series-Hungarian. [n.d.] 78 rpm.


            13                    Side 67246                  Columbia. “Kidobolták A Faluban” (they announced

In the village) Hungarian-Folk Song. [n.d.] 78rpm.


            13                    Side 67247                  Columbia. “Háromszor Füttyentett” (he whistled thrice)     

                                                                                    Hungarian-Folk Song. [n.d.] 78 rpm.


            14                    Side 66134                  Columbia. “Ugy-E Most Már” (is that how it is now)

                                                                                    Magyar-Hungarian. [n.d.] 78 rpm.


            14                    Side 66706                  Columbia. “A Pecskai Cigánysoron” (at the gypsy row of  Pecska)     


[n.d.] 78 rpm.


            15                    Side 67248                  Columbia. “ Nem jön álom a szememre” (I can’t fall asleep)

                                                                                    Hungarian-Folk Song. [n.d.]

78 rpm.


            15                    Side 67255                  Columbia. “Király Ern? Mulat” (Ern? Király is having a good time)

Hungarian Folk Song. [n.d.] 78 rpm.



Box-Folder Inventory (cont.)


Box     Folder             Series              Item


1                                  Sound Recordings


            16                    Side 67536                  Columbia. “Rácz Pali Heged?je” (Pauly Rácz’s fiddle)

                                                                                    Hungarian Folk Song. [n.d.] 78 rpm.


            16                    Side 67538                  Columbia. “Fiastyuk” (Pleiades) Hungarian-Folk Song [n.d.] 78 rpm.


            17                    Side 67250                  Columbia. “Mikor Engem Besoroztak” (when they drafted me) Hungarian-Folk Song. [n.d.]

78 rpm.


17                    Side 67252                  Columbia. “Rossz Gyümölcse Van A Szagos Megyfanak” (the smelly sour cherry tree

                                                                        bears bad fruit) Hungarian Folk Song

                                                                                    [n.d.] 78 rpm.






(All of the above items are located in Range 4)







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