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AWalking Tour Guide to University of Toledo Architecture, Main Campus

The University Of Toledo Campus, 2006



"...We believe you are going to respond to the challenge of a beautiful environment, that the traditions which have grown up about this noble architecture will stimulate you to greater efforts in learning, and to finer decorum, and to a deeper resolve to use your education to further truth, justice and beauty. This is our faith in you."

UT President Henry J. Doermann, 1931, on the University's move to the new campus on Bancroft Street.

This virtual walking tour of the University of Toledo provides an overview of the campus's architecture. The University's Bancroft street campus dates to 1931 when the institution moved from several temporary buildings scattered around the city to a location adjacent to a beautiful, tree-lined residential neighborhood in west Toledo. The university's president at that time felt that the architecture of the campus should be inspiring to students. Today the university's buildings represent a microcosm of architectural movements since the 1930s, and include outstanding examples of Collegiate Gothic, International, Transitional and Post-Modern styles. Despite being of many styles, the campus presents a unique uniformity in the design through the consistent use of similar building materials and architectural elements. To view examples of each of the architectural styles, click on the index below.

Since the creation of the original tour in 1997, much has changed within the University of Toledo and its architecture. 


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