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The Mulford Library has access to audio/visual learning materials. For assistance locating these materials visit or contact the Service Desk at 419.383.4225 or Ask a Health Science Librarian.

Selected Materials

Bates Visual Guide to Physical Examination contains step-by-step examinations in realistic practice settings, and includes discussions on interviewing, health history taking, and findings. The series is located at the 4th floor Mulford Service Desk.
  • v. 1. Head, eyes and ears
  • v. 2. Nose, mouth and neck
  • v. 3. Thorax and lungs
  • v. 4. Cardiovascular : neck vessels and heart
  • v. 5. Cardiovascular : peripheral vascular system
  • v. 6. Breasts and axillae (15:20 min.)
  • v. 7. Abdomen
  • v. 8. Male genitalia, hernias, and rectum
  • v. 9. Female genitalia, anus, and rectum
  • v. 10. Musculoskeletal system
  • v. 11. Nervous system : cranial nerves and motor system
  • v. 12. Nervous system : sensory system and reflexes
  • v. 13. Approach to patient
  • v. 14. Head-to-toe assessment of the adult
  • v. 15. Head-to toe assessment of the infant
  • v. 16. Head-to-toe assessment of the child
  • v. 17. Head-to-toe assessment of the older adult
  • v. 18. General survey, vital signs, and skin  (PageTop) is an interactive study aid that uses state-of-the-art illustrations from the Atlas of Anatomy. Registration allows free access for viewing and testing in the following areas:

  • Back (Bones, Muscles, Neurovasculature)
  • Thorax (Thoracic Wall, Thoracic Cavity, Mediastinum, Pleural Cavity)
  • Abdomen and Pelvis (Bones, Muscles, Spaces and Organs, Reproductive Organs, Arteries and Veins, Nerves)
  • Upper Limb (Should and Arm, Forearm, Wrist and Hand, Nuerovasculature)
  • Lower Limb (Hip and Thigh, Knee and Leg, Ankle and Foot, Neurovasculature)
  • Head and Neck (Bones of the Head, Neurovasculature, Orbit and Eye, Nasal Cavity and Nose, Temporal Bone and Ear, Oral Cavity and Pharynx, Neck)
  • Neuroanatomy (Brain and Spinal Cord, Arteries and Veins, Autonomic Nervous System)  (PageTop)

Searching for Audio/visual materials in Mulford Library

CD-ROMS and DVDs on various medical and health topics are located at the 4th floor Mulford Service Desk. To identify these items, search the library catalog (use the advanced search link) with the following limiters:

  • Medical Subject or Subject 
  • Location: Health Science Library
  • Material Type: Videorecording 

Searching for online Audio/visual materials in the OhioLINK catalog 

To search for Audio/visual materials in OhioLINK, enter your topic in the Educational & Instructional Videos portion of the Digital Resource Commons.

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