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Remote Access to Mulford Library Resources

 Remote access is available to OhioLINK resources and most of the Mulford Library's online resources, provided that you are affiliated with the Health Science Campus or one of the health-related colleges and registered with the University Libraries. If you are unsure of your registration status, contact Mulford Access Services at 419-383-4225. For more information, contact Mulford Reference Assistance.

There are some online resources and journals which are accessible only while on the UT campuses, and in some cases only while on the Health Science Campus. A title search for the resource's record in the UT Libraries' catalog will provide details about access (see example). These records will also provide special login information if it is required by the resource.

When attempting to access restricted resources, the proxy server (either the Libraries' or OhioLINK's) will prompt for your name and Rocket ID number (or  in some cases a specially-assigned nine-digit number). Once the system confirms that you are registered and in good statndng with the UT Libraries, you will be allowed to access the resource. When accessing OhioLINK resources, permission to access these resources is limited to two hours; after than time, you will need to login to the OhioLINK proxy server again.

Active UT preceptors who would like library access need to contact the Office of Faculty Affairs at (419) 383-4457.

Remote Access Troubleshooting

Ifyou are having problems accessing a resource from off campus, consider these issues:

  • Did you click the off-campus link (if that was an option)? Many of our resources have different links for on-campus access and off-campus access. For these resources, if you click on the on-campus link, you will not see the correct proxy login and will not be able to access the resource.
  • Did you enter your name and Rocket I.D. number correctly? You entered your name and barcode correctly, but it is still denying access? There could be a problem with your record; call Mulford Access Services to check (419-383-4225). If your record is correct, you may be attempting to access a resource for which access is restricted or your computer may not be set up to accept cookies; contact Mulford Reference Assistance for more details.
  • Do you need access to an online article for which access is restricted? Contact Mulford Reference Assistance. We'll try to download and email you the article that you need.
Last Updated: 6/9/16