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Course Reserves

What are Course Reserves?

Course reserves are materials that have been identified by faculty members as requiring check-out periods that are much shorter than a regular circulating book. Commonly, these are materials that are required for a class; they have a short check-out period that allows the materials to be available for the entire class. Course reserves are also known as the reserve collection; materials in this collection are referred to as being "on reserve."

Identifying What is on Reserve

The best way to determine what materials are on reserve is to check the reserve module of the online catalog. Search by course name or by instructor's name. If you cannot find your course in the reserve module, ask a library staff member for assistance.

When the material has been identified, note the call number (for a book) or the professor's name (for packets of articles, handouts, old tests, etc.) When an item is checked out, the catalog will indicate the date and time it is due. The only materials that are on reserve are those that have been requested to be placed on reserve by faculty members.

Location of the Reserve Collection

The reserve collection is located at the service desk on the fourth floor of the Mulford Library Building. This is a closed collection; this means that it is not available to be browsed. To determine which materials are on reserve, see Identifying What is on Reserve.

Requesting Materials That are On Reserve

Books. To request a book that has been placed on reserve, use the online catalog to get the call number of the desired book. Give the call number to the staff member, who will retrieve the book for you.

Packets. If your professor has placed a packet of articles, handouts, notes, or old tests on reserve, give the name of your professor to the staff member, who will retrieve the packet for you.

Policies: Check-Out Periods & Overdue Fines

Check-out Period. Materials that are on reserve have a two-hour check-out period. The staff member will make a note on the material of the due date and time.

Overnight Check-out. Reserve materials may be checked out over night if they are checked out within 1/2 hour of closing. Materials are due 1/2 hour after the Library opens the following day.

Overdue Fines. The fine for overdue reserve materials is $1.00 per hour. Overdue fines can be paid at the service desk. Unpaid fines will result in denial of borrowing privileges.

Putting Materials on Reserve: Information for Faculty Members

Faculty members wishing to place items on reserve must complete and submit a reserve request form for each item. The reserve request form is online in PDF format. Please follow these guidelines:

    • Requests for putting items owned by the library on reserve. Submit these requests at least one month prior to the date needed to ensure the item will be available.
    • Requests for personal items on reserve. Submit these requests at least 48 hours prior to the date needed to allow for processing time.
  • Forms. Each item submitted must be accompanied by a completed form.

Copyright restrictions. No more than two copies of an article may be placed on reserve. An article may be placed on reserve for one semester without requesting permission from the copyright holder. Once the article is put on reserve for a second semester, the faculty member is responsible for obtaining permission from the copyright holder to do so.

Preserved specimens. Preserved specimens will not be accepted.

Please direct all questions to University Library Reserves:  Janet Douglas, 419.530.2894; or
Last Updated: 7/1/19