Department of Cancer Biology

Qin Yang, Ph.D.


qin yang Qin Yang, Ph.D.



My laboratory focuses on somatic cell and cancer cell reprogramming, signaling pathway, telomere/senescence, cancer biology and experimental therapeutics. We are using stem cell/iPS cell technology to reprogram cancer cells to normal-like cells and to try to understand the mechanism of cancer development/metastasis and develop novel therapeutics. We are investigating roles of ROCK/mTOR kinase pathways, DNA repair key factor Rad51, tumor suppressors p53/BRCA1, extracellular vesicles, angiogenesis and telomere/senescence in tumorigenesis by using different tumor models, such as glioblastoma, breast, and head/neck cancers.

Member of the mentoring faculty for the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program (Cancer Biology Track).


1983  B.S.            Medicine               West China University of Medical Sciences
1990  M.S.           Medicine               West China University of Medical Sciences
1997  Ph.D.         Oncology              University of Heidelberg, Germany
2001  Post Doc  Cancer Biology   NIH/NCI






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