Department of Environmental Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Geology


(EFFECTIVE 9.1.2022) - Information below is for students enrolled in the Environmental Geology program prior to Fall '22.

Geology is the scientific study of the Earth - what it's made of, the physical and chemical processes that occur on its surface and inside it, and the planet's history and life forms.

At UToledo, environmental geology majors are taught to think critically, question established dogma and develop communication skills, as well as focus on the intersection of geology and the environment. Geologists are uniquely trained for a wide variety of jobs. They are used to working with incomplete data sets, open-ended problems and a mixture of qualitative and quantitative data before choosing the best solution.

What to expect when you graduate?

As a UToledo environmental geology graduate, you'll impress employers with your understanding of environmental geology concepts and practices, spatial analysis training, communication skills and scientific reasoning.

You'll have varied career opportunities in: environmental consulting firms and industry, state natural-resource agencies and geological surveys, planning commissions and water-resource agencies, state and national regulatory agencies, universities, colleges and secondary schools.

University Core and General Requirements

General Degree Requirements
Sample 4-year Plan of Study and Course Checklist
For prior year requirements, view past UToledo Catalogs

Admission Requirementsfor Direct-From-High-School and First-Time Freshman

Required Courses (45-46 credit hours)

EEES 1020 Introductory Geology Laboratory 1
EEES 2100 Fundamentals of Geology 4
EEES 2230 Earth History: Historical Geology and Paleontology (WAC) 4
EEES 2500 Computer Applications in Environmental Sciences 1
EEES 3210 Mineralogy and Petrology 4
EEES 3220 Sedimentary Petrology and Stratigraphy 3
EEES 3310 Structural Geology & Mapping 3
EEES 3900 Literature and Communication in the Environmental Sciences (WAC)
EEES 4650 Geology Field Course
EEES 4920 Senior Geology Seminar 2
Select an additional six courses from the following three groups with at least two courses from each group:
Group A (total of 2 courses)
EEES 2400 Oceanography and Water Resources 3
EEES 3100 Surficial Processes 3
EEES 4100 Glacial Geology 3
EEES 4200 Quaternary Geology 3
EEES 4240 Soil Science 3
Group B (total of 2 courses)
EEES 4150 Evolution 3
EEES 4220 Environmental Geochemistry 3
EEES 4410 Hydrogeology 3
EEES 4450 Hazardous Waste Management 3
EEES 4490 Remote Sensing of the Environment 4
EEES 4610 Geophysics 3
Group C (total of 2 courses) 
EEES 2010 Introduction to the Environment: Energy and Climate 3
EEES 2030 Introduction to the Environment: Land-Use and Water 3
EEES 2200 Climate Change 3
EEES 2510 Advanced Computer Applications 2
EEES 4480 GIS Applications in Environmental Science 3
ECON 3240 Environmental Economics 3
PSC 4340 Environmental Policy 3
NOTE: Students may request credit for EEES 4980 Special Topics to qualify as an elective. Discuss individual courses and topics with your academic advisor in the department.

Related courses also required:

CHEM 1230 & 1280 General Chemistry I and General Chemistry I Lab 4, 1
CHEM 1240 & 1290 General Chemistry II and General Chemistry II Lab 4, 1
Choose one pair of courses from:
MATH 1850 & 1860 or Single Variable Calculus I & II or 5, 5
MATH 1750 & 1760 or Calculus for the Life Sciences I & II or 4, 3
MATH 1830 & 1840 Calculus for Mathematics, Scientists & Educators I & II 4, 4
Choose one pair of courses from:
PHYS 2070 & 2080 or General Physics I & II or 5, 5
PHYS 2130 & 2140 Physics for Scientists & Engineers I & II 5, 5

Additional Requirements

Students must achieve at least a 2.5 GPA in the major.  No required courses may be taken as P/NC (pass/no credit).

Suggested Rotation & Timing of Required Geology Courses

Freshman 1020 Physical Geology Lab (1)
2100 Fundamentals of Geology (4)
2500 Comp. Applications (1)
2230 Earth History (3)
Sophomore Elective 1
3210 Earth Materials I (3)
3220 Earth Materials II (3)
Junior Elective 2
Elective 3 
3310 Structural Geology... (3)
Elective 4
Senior Elective 5 4640 Applied Geology (1)
4920 Geology Seminar (2)
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