Lake Erie Center

Applied Spatial Ecology Laboratory

Professor of Ecology


My Lab focuses on employing the theories and concepts of landscape ecology to investigate invasive species biology, conservation biology and ecosystem management. Currently we are undertaking the following projects:
  • Spread of invasive species in the Great Lakes and the Caribbean
  • Restoration plan for lake sturgeon in the Maumee River
  • Invasive species management plan for the Oak Openings Region
  • Impact of conservation practices on nutrient loss

 Recent Articles/Media

Periscope Field Interview:  #FieldworkLive: Maumee River
with PhD candidate Jessica Sherman
September 2016


Risk Analysis and Bioeconomics of Invasive Species to Inform Policy and Management
David M. Lodge, and 31 others, including, J.M. Bossenbroek - Annual Review of Environment and Resources 41(453-488)


Spatial Modeling Approach to Predicting the Secondary Spread of Invasive Species Due to Ballast Water Discharge
Jennifer L. Sieracki, J. M. BossenbroekW. L. ChaddertonPLoS ONE 9(12)


Assessing the influence of different inland lake management strategies on human-mediated invasive species spread
Marc J. Morandi1 , N.F. Manning1 , J.M. Bossenbroek, and C.L. Jerde - Management of Biological Invasions (2015) Volume 6, Issue 1: 57–6

lake spread9

Anglers’ responses to bait certification regulations: the case of virus-free bait demand.
Lindsay Vollmar, C.R. McIntosh, J.M. Bossenbroek. Journal of Environmental Economics and Policy



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