Office of the Registrar


Important Registration Dates
Registration dates are based on earned hours.  Students should register as soon as they can to help ensure that classes will not be canceled due to lack of enrollment.

How Do I Register?

Online Registration:
Students may register for classes online by accessing the myUT portal.  To login to the myUT portal, students enter their UTAD username and password. To activate a UTAD account visit the UTAD Account Management page. The myUT portal allows students to register for classes and print a bill or class schedule.

Online Registration Resources:

In-Person Registration:
Students can register in-person at Rocket Solution Central (RSC) RH 1200, during normal office hours by completing and submitting the appropriate request form.  

Registration Holds
A hold will stop a student from either registering or getting a copy of an official transcript or both. A Registration or Transcript hold is placed on a student's record if the student has an outstanding financial obligation to the University, is required to meet with an advisor, has a code of conduct violation or has not met a particular enrollment requirement. Holds can be viewed through the portal (Student Tab, View Holds link). The hold will include the originating office and a phone number to help resolve the hold.

When do I Register?
It is very important to pay attention to the registration dates and policies. Students should register promptly to help ensure that classes will not be canceled due to lack of enrollment.

Where do I search for classes?
Students can search for courses by accessing the myUT portal.  However, you may also search without logging into the portal here.

What is the legal service fee?
All students are assessed the Student Legal Fee unless they indicate the desire to waive it. We encourage all students to consider keeping this valuable service. For more information on the legal service fee click here.

Can I Add a Class or Register Late?

  • A student may add a course or register late within the first five calendar days of a new semester, excluding summer (which is prorated), without permission from the instructor as along as a seat is available.
  • Students wishing to add a course between the 6th and 15th calendar days (inclusive) of a new term may do so with the instructor's permission.  This request can be made via the Course Request and Seminar Request Form.
  • After the 15th day, students wishing to add a course will require signatures from both the instructor of the course and the Dean or designee from the student's College Office.  This request can be made via the Course Request and Seminar Form.

A late registration fee is assessed for initial registrations on or after the first day of the semester.  For more information regarding late fee assessment please review the Treasurer's Office website.

Late Registration Fee
1st - 3rd day of part of term $50.00 
4th - 15th day of part of term $100.00 
16th day to end of part of term $200.00
After the semester $500.00

Academic Overload - How can I increase the number of credit hours I am allowed to register for in a semester?
An undergraduate student who attempts 20 semester credit hours in fall and/or spring (18 semester hours for graduate students) is considered to be on Academic Overload.  In order to register for additional hours, above those set limits, students should contact their college office.  If approved, the college office will notify the Registrar's Office and your maximum hours will be increased, allowing you to add additional courses.

Can I register if I have not attended the University of Toledo for a couple of years?
UT students who have not attended classes at UT for more than two years must be readmitted.  Students who wish to be readmitted should meet with an academic advisor within the desired program.

If you transferred to another college or university after you stopped attending classes at UT, you must reapply for admission to UT as a transfer student and submit official transcripts from all educational institutions you have attended.

Can I Drop a Course or Withdraw from a Course After the Term Starts?
Students who decide not to attend or stop attending any or all classes for which they have registered must drop or withdrawal from the course(s).  Drops and withdrawals can be processed online through the myUT portal (provided there are no holds), and can also be processed at Rocket Solution Central (RSC) located in Rocket Hall, Room 1200 regardless of having a hold. Failure to drop or withdrawal from a course for which a student has stopped attending may result in a grade of "F".  Specific drop and withdrawal dates for a term are listed on the University's academic calendar and hereor by contacting Rocket Solution Central (RSC) 419.530.8700

Withdrawing from a course(s) will result in a grade of "W", which will appear on your official transcripts.  Once a withdrawal is processed, it cannot be rescinded.  Based on the date of withdrawal, fees may or may not be adjusted.  Since withdrawn courses reduce your enrolled hours, withdrawing from courses may have an adverse effect on financial aid benefits, scholarships, loan deferments, athletic eligibility, health insurance, veterans benefits, degree requirements, or other areas. If you are uncertain what effect withdrawing from the course(s) would have, contact the Rocket Solution Central and/or your academic advisor for guidance.  

Will My Registration be Cancelled (Dropped) if I Do Not Pay My Fees?
Students may be removed from all classes and housing they are registered for if they have an outstanding balance and have not made the appropriate payment arrangements.  Please refer to the Treasurer's Office web site for further information and payment deadlines. It is essential that students be proactive in registering and attending those courses they can pay for and expect to complete.  It is the student’s responsibility to drop or withdraw from unwanted courses before there is a negative academic and financial impact. Students with unsettled treasurer bills will not be able to register for future semesters.

Students who elect not to attend the University of Toledo and subsequently fail to drop or withdraw from all their courses by the deadline dates identified will be assessed a non refundable administrative fee of $500.00 once their non attendance has been verified and an administrative drop is processed.  The student will also be responsible to pay any fees, fines, or penalties on their student account, which are related to their attendance at The University of Toledo during any given academic period, including but not limited to: parking fees or fines, legal services, telephone services, medical expenses, health insurance, or other university charges.  Failure to pay by the appropriate due date may result in the University filing an unfavorable report with credit bureaus or forwarding the account to the Office of the Ohio Attorney General for collection.

You're in Control

You, the student, are in charge of your own registration and scheduling of courses.
You are responsible for:

  • registering early to get the courses you want
  • attending all courses for which you have registered
  • arranging payment plans
  • dropping or withdrawing in a timely way to avoid being billed for classes you do not intend to take

Just Drop It!
Remember...if you decide not to attend a class you are registered for, you must drop it. This will avoid additional fees or a registration hold for future terms.  Use the myUT portal or go to Rocket Solution Central to drop any classes, but whatever you do....Just drop it!

Last Updated: 10/14/20