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Waitlisting for Undergraduate, Graduate and Law Students

If a course is not waitlisted but it is full and you would like to enroll, please contact the instructor to request a permit or to create a waitlist.

What is Waitlisting?

Waitlisting is an option for students who encounter classes that are ‘closed’ but may still want to try to register, if a seat opens again.

How does Waitlisting work?

Students who attempt to register for a class that is full or ‘closed’ may put themselves on a waiting list.

When an open seat becomes available, an email will be sent to the next student in the Waitlist queue via their student rocket email address.

The student will have 24 hours from the delivery of the email to add the class.

Waitlisting will be available to students until 10 p.m. on the evening prior to the start of the semester.

All Holds and Registration Restrictions will still apply to be eligible to waitlist a class.

Do all classes have a waitlist?

No. Many courses do have a waitlist enabled however there are some that do not. Use the Look Up Classes link in the portal to see if a course has an enabled waitlist.

How do I get on a Waitlist?

In the ‘Class Search’ you may find a ‘C’ Closed class that you may be interested in taking.

Look under the WL CAP column (Wait List CAPacity) to check if there is a waitlist option offered. Look under the WL REM column (Wait List REMaining) to check if there are any spaces left on the waitlist.

Write down the CRN for the class you want to waitlist and click the Add to Worksheet button.

Enter the CRN (Course Reference Number) in one of the boxes under Add Classes Worksheet and Submit Changes.

The screen will indicate “Registration Add Errors”. In the Action column, click on the drop-down arrow and click on Waitlist and Submit Changes. In your Current Schedule you will see the Waitlisted course.

Log in to your myut Portal>Student Tab>MyToolkit>Look Up Classes

Under the Select Column:

NR=indicates that there is a registration restriction. You will not be able to register for that class.

Box=indicates that the class is open and you can click in the box to register.

C=indicates that the class is closed. Check the WL column for waitlist availability.

Are there still seats open for registration?

In the Class Search:

Cap=Capacity of students that can register for the class.

Act=Actual number of students registered.

Rem=Remaining seats available.

Does the closed class have a Waitlist option available?

In the Class Search:  

WL Cap=Waitlist Capacity of students that can register for the class on the waitlist

WL Act=Waitlist Actual number of students registered on the waitlist

WL Rem=Waitlist Remaining seats available on the waitlist

Getting on a Waitlist

Enter the CRN (course reference number) in the Add Classes Worksheet box.

Submit Changes

Because the class is closed, a Registration Add Error shows.

In the Action column, choose Wait List

Submit Changes.

Waitlist Queue - The wait is over!!  

When a seat is available and you are at the top of the waitlist, you will receive an email notification stating that the class is now available in your university rocket email account.

The Notification Expires 24 hours after it is sent. 

**Check your email daily if you are waiting on a wait list!** 

If you change your mind and no longer wish to be on a waitlist, please drop the class so that others may move up on the list.

I got an Email Notification!  

If you have waitlisted a class you will need to check your university rocket email daily! You will have a 24 hours to add the waitlisted class once a notification is sent to you. 

The email will give the information of the class that is open for registration and the deadline. 

If you are already registered for the same class but a different section, you need to drop that section before you add the new waitlisted section.

If you are registered for other waitlisted sections or other classes that you no longer want, please drop them. This will enable other students to move up on the waitlist.

How do I change from Waitlisted to Registered?

Once an email notification is sent, you will have 24 hours to go to your student portal to change the status from waitlisted to registered.

In the Action column, choose **Web Registered**.

Submit Changes.

How do I get off of a Waitlist?

Waitlisted classes can be dropped like any other class. Choose Web Drop/Delete in the Action column.

If you never get off the waitlist, the waitlisted class will be purged from your schedule after 10 pm on the day before classes start for the semester. 

Classes have started; I still need to add the class; waitlisting is not available and the class is full. Can I still register for the course?

After classes start for the semester, waitlisting is no longer available. An instructor may allow you to add the course by entering an override for you online through the portal. If an override is given, you MUST add the course by Friday of the first week of classes.


Register for classes in your student portal and if a class is closed, check to see if a WL (waitlist) is offered and has waitlist seats available.

Add yourself to the waitlist. Remember that the same restrictions and/or Holds will stop you from registering on a waitlist also.

Students may register for one section of a course and place themselves on the waitlist for one preferred section of the same course. 

Check your university rocket email daily for a waitlist notification and take action within 24 hours. 

Register for the waitlisted class. If you have already registered for another section of the same class, be sure to drop the unwanted section first.

If you no longer wish to be on a waitlist, drop the class so that others may move up on the list.

Need more help?

View this Waitlisting Power Point presentation written just for students.

Get additional help by emailing the Registrar's Office.

Last Updated: 2/3/20