Office of New Student Orientation Programs

Activate Your myUT (UTAD) Account


Your next step is to activate your myUT account (also called your UTAD account). Your myUT account must be activated in order to register for an orientation program date, and it's important you do this as soon as possible after you are accepted to UT.

What's a myUT account?
MyUT is your personalized account that allows you to use many of UT's online resources including course registration, financial aid and billing information, your UT e-mail account, orientation registration, and much more.

Follow the steps below to activate your myUT account (which you should have also received in your acceptance materials). 

Step 1

Visit and enter your Rocket ID number. This is your student ID number and is listed on your acceptance letter from UT. If you don't know your Rocket ID number, enter your social security number. You'll also need to enter your birth date (mm/dd/yyyy).


Click "Find Account," then follow the onscreen instructions to accept terms and conditions, set a password and establish your security question.

Step 3

After activation, your myUT username and Rocket ID number will appear on the left side of the screen under "Your Account (Brief)."


Remember to write down your myUT username, password and response to your security question, and keep it in a safe place.


Log in to the myUT portal at using your myUT account (UTAD) and password.

If you have questions or need assistance with setting up your myUT account, please call the Information Technology help desk at 419.530.2400.

Last Updated: 11/20/19