Department of Medicinal and Biological Chemistry

Katherine A. Wall, Ph.D.

Photo of Katherine Wall, Ph.D.

  Professor and Chair

  Department of Medicinal and Biological Chemistry
  Health Education Building 284A
  Phone: 419.383.1943




Area of Research

Immunology and biochemistry; synthetic glycoprotein anti-cancer and anti-bacterial vaccines and their targeting; NAADP actions in lymphocytes, design of immunomodulatory drugs. 

I have two major projects ongoing in my laboratory.

1) Glycopeptide-Based Vaccines
This project is a collaboration with Dr. Steve Sucheck of the UToledo Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. We have been studying the immune response of mice to cancer vaccines containing synthetic cancer glycopeptide antigens with a covalently attached rhamnose epitope. This is designed to take advantage of anti-rhamnose antibodies that occur naturally in humans and can be generated in mice. We are developing additional synthetic vaccines against bacterial infections that take advantage of antibody targeting. 

2) CD38 and NAD Metabolites in Lymphocyte Signaling
I have a longstanding interest in the role of NAD metabolites in lymphocyte function. My lab is continuing a collaboration with Dr. James Slama to examine the role of NAADP, a highly potent calcium mobilizing agent, in lymphocyte signaling and function.


Ph.D. in BioChemistry University of California at Berkeley, 1977
B.S. in Chemistry Montana State University, 1971


  • Visiting Professor 2010 University of Rochester Medical Center
  • Visiting Investigator 2000-01 University of Michigan
  • NIH Fellowship - University of Chicago, 1980-82
  • Damon Runyon-Walter Winchell Cancer Research Fellowship - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1977-79

Awards, Honors and Grants

  1. NIH R01 AI148570, “Methods to synthesize oligosaccharide-fusion protein conjugates and enhancement of their antigenicity,” S. J. Sucheck and K. A. Wall, MPIs
  2. NIH R15 GM131329, “Identification of the Elusive NAADP Receptor,” J. T. Slama, P.I., K. A. Wall, co-investigator
  3. NIH R15 GM94734, “Synthesis of Glycopeptide-Based Cancer Antigen Vaccines,” K. A. Wall, P.I., S. J. Sucheck, co-investigator

Issued Patents

  1. Xenoantigen-displaying anti-cancer vaccines and method of making. S. Sucheck, K. A. Wall, and S. Sarkar
  2. Synthetic lipopeptide vaccines and immunotherapeutics. A. R. Vartak, S. J. Sucheck, K. A. Wall, A. Quinn, and M. F. McInerney

Publications and Journals

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