Human Research Protection Program

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 The University of Toledo requires all study personnel engaged in human subject research (including research using information and specimens from human subjects) to complete the applicable training mandated by the Terms of our Federalwide Assurance.

Human Subjects Research Training

All individuals requiring human subject research must complete the training process via the University's CITI (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative) training website at This training must be completed before an individual can be approved as a member of the research team.

The Appropriate Curriculum are: Biomedical Researchers & Students OR Social & Behavioral- Educations Researchers & Students.  The Social & Behavioral- Educational Researcher IRB accepts Biomedical Researchers & Students CITI training.  

PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY: There are two training courses: BASIC and REFRESHER.  Basic training must be completed before completing refresher courses. Comparable basic training form other institutions may be considered by contacting the HRPP Office. If the HRPP Office accepts comparable Basic training, once that comparable training is expired, you must then complete the UToledo Basic CITI course.

You will first complete the BASIC course. Your BASIC training will expire three years after successful completion.  At that point, you will complete the REFRESHER courses every three years in the rotating cycle that your training expires. The system will direct you as to when another Basic course is due in your rotation cycle. Basic training is due once every 9 to 12 years (see below). If you have a lapse in CITI training, you may be informed you are due for BASIC training when the rotation cycle would indicate Refresher training. Please see below the rotating cycles

                         SBE=     BASIC   →    REFRESHER   →    REFRESHER    →  BASIC

                 Establishing a CITI account & Selecting your course                      

IRB HIPAA Training Requirements

All researchers that will access/view/analyze PHI on an IRB approved projects must complete UToledo’s HIPAA compliance training.  This training is completed annually (ie., If you completed training anytime in 2017, your training expires on 12/31/2018). 

For additional information regarding HIPAA, please visit the Internal Audit and Compliance Office website (https://www.

Last Updated: 6/27/22