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Residence Hall Virtual Tours


Academic House

Academic House Virtual Tour

Academic House is mostly made up of double rooms however there are a few singles, triples and quads on each floor. This virtual tour shows a double room, a community bathroom and lounge space on the floor.


International House

International House Virtual Tour

This virtual tour is of a four person suite in Horton International House. The building also offers six person suites with a similar layout however there are two additional single bedrooms within the suite. You can also check out a virtual tour of one of the kitchens in the building.


MacKinnon Hall Virtual Tour

MacKinnon, Scott and Tucker Halls have various room layouts. While this virtual tour is of a MacKinnon room, you can expect a similar look and feel in the other rooms as well as the same furniture.


Ottawa House

Ottawa House Virtual Tour

Ottawa House is made up of two suite-style buildings, Ottawa West and Ottawa East. This tour begins in the Ottawa West lobby, shows you the work out room and ends in a four person suite.

Parks Tower

Parks Tower Virtual Tour

Depending on which floor you live on in Parks Tower, you will either have a kitchen, study room or lounge space as you exit the elevator. This tour shows a floor with a kitchen along with a double bedroom and community bathroom.

Presidents Hall

Presidents Hall Virtual Tour

This virtual tour shows one of the two laundry rooms in Presidents Hall, a study lounge and a six person suite. You can also check out virtual tours of the game room and meetings rooms and one of the lounge spaces in Presidents.

Last Updated: 6/27/22