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Residency Requirement

All first-year and second-year students who live outside of a twenty-five mile radius from the university are required to live on campus and participate in the meal plan program.  Living on campus allows students to focus on what matters most.  Statistics show students who live on campus have higher grade point averages, are more involved, and have higher rates of retention.

Conveniently located close to dining and classes, on campus housing is a hassle-free, safe home to live with friends and enjoy the University of Toledo in students' backyard.  As a student required to live on campus next academic year, we recommend students apply now so current residents can get the best choice of rooms on campus.  

Frequently Asked Questions

I am required to live on campus next academic year.  What if I do not apply and am not approved for a residency exemption?
Students who do not complete a University Housing application or a lease with Honors Academic Village will be charged for housing and a meal plan based on the average University Housing room rate. This fee will be added to student e-bills.

Can I change my permanent address and be exempt from the residency requirement?
Changing your permanent address will not change your status as required to live on.  The address used to verify the residency requirement is the one at time of your university application.

My college credit plus credits put me in sophomore status.  Am I still required?
This requirement is not based on credit hours but on semesters completed as an undergraduate student at the University of Toledo.  Students must complete four semesters as a full time student post high school by the first day of the fall semester.

I need help completing my University Housing application.  Who can I contact?

If you would like to make an appointment to meet with an Office of Residence Life staff member to complete the housing application, please email us at with your available meeting times and appointment information will be sent to your email address within 24-48 business hours.

What if I cannot pay the $100 University Housing deposit prepayment?
We offer a University Housing Deferment Form which can be accessed through your myUT portal under the My Housing section. This option provides you with the opportunity to utilize scholarships, financial aid, etc. for the deposit which will be placed on your fall e-bill. 

How do I apply for an exemption from the residency requirement?
See the Residency Exemption Request page for more information and to begin a residency exemption application.

The University of Toledo approved housing assignments/residency requirement policy can be found here.

Last Updated: 6/27/22