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  • provides a supportive environment for parents and community members interested in the success of our urban public schools while pursuing their own education while being role models for youth
  • provides affordable classes for beginning college. Financial aid is available to those who qualify
  • supports adult learners who have family responsibilities; making their own schedules match those of their children

UT@TPS was established in 2010 to support parents and community members to continue their education and thus leading the way for Toledo's children and youth in school retention.

University College is partnering with Toledo Public Schools (TPS) and community members to set an example for their children to excel in school. The program is based on the belief that parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles, neighbors, and older friends have the greatest influence on children. If these important adults are engaged in furthering their education, the children will be engaged in school as well and will be likely to succeed not only in K-12 but into college.

Any adult is welcome to attend UT@TPS and it is not required to live in any particular neighborhood or to have a child(ren) enrolled in a TPS school.

Classes are held in Toledo Public Schools' Jones Leadership Academy and follow the TPS daily schedule and calendar. Parents can take their children to school, attend their own classes, and be ready to pick up their children in the afternoon. When children have a snow day or vacation day, parents do too, so they do not miss their college courses due to child care responsibilities.


  • University of Toledo classes toward any major.
  • Because classes are off-campus, students receive a 22% tuition scholarship (and possible General Fee scholarship).
  • For those who qualify, need-based Federal Pell grans for higher education may cover tuition and books for the reduced cost of these off-campus classes. 
  • All classes held during school day, following TPS calendar.
  • All classes are taught by UT professors and instructors
  • Students have full access to UT resources, including the UT bus system, library, recreation center, and sporting events.

Now is the time to register for the next semester! 

  • Call 419.238.8288 for information or to start the admissions process.

Read about this program in The Blade and The Sojourner's Truth.

Questions? Please call us for more information.

Dr. Lynne Hamer, Program Director, 419.530.7749 or 419.283.8288
Mark Ray, Off-Campus and Extended Programs, 419.530.6283
Jan Hood, Off-Campus and Extended Programs, 419.530.6285


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