Undergraduate Admission

International Students Diversity
Student Diversity
We strive toward creating a welcoming environment, abundant with opportunities for all people while being respectful of their beliefs, backgrounds, needs and viewpoints.
Undergraduate Student Profile, Fall 2011
Gender: 50.2% Male, 49.8% Female
Ethnicity: 67% White, 21.1% Ethnic Minority, 4.1% Unknown
Residency: 83.7% In-State, 12.5% Out-of-State, 3.8% International
Average Age: 22.3

Student Organizations
UT has more than 200 student organizations for a variety of cultural, religious, social and academics interests. We also have historically African-American and Latino fraternities and sororities. See the complete list at utoledo.edu/studentaffairs/osi/orglisting.html

Awareness Weeks and Months
Throughout the school year, UT celebrates history, heritage and awareness months. Visit utoledo.edu/studentaffairs/oemss/events.html to see the list for the year, as well as the current month's events.

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