Undergraduate Admission

International Students Diversity
Student Diversity
We strive toward creating a welcoming environment, abundant with opportunities for all people while being respectful of their beliefs, backgrounds, needs and viewpoints.
Undergraduate Student Profile, Fall 2011
Gender: 50.2% Male, 49.8% Female
Ethnicity: 67% White, 21.1% Ethnic Minority, 4.1% Unknown
Residency: 83.7% In-State, 12.5% Out-of-State, 3.8% International
Average Age: 22.3

Student Organizations
UT has more than 200 student organizations for a variety of cultural, religious, social and academics interests. We also have historically African-American and Latino fraternities and sororities. See the complete list at utoledo.edu/studentaffairs/osi/orglisting.html

Awareness Weeks and Months
Throughout the school year, UT celebrates history, heritage and awareness months. Visit utoledo.eduevents.html to see the list for the year, as well as the current month's events.

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