College of Arts and Letters

Students talking at the Toledo Museum of Art campus

College of Arts and Letters Scholars Program

Welcome! We are an extracurricular program serving the College of Arts and Letters' brightest undergraduate students.

We are bookworms and dancers. We are critical thinkers and musicians, writers and change agents. We come from all backgrounds, but we share the ambition to seek our personal best. What others might call obsession, we call dedication.

Join us to explore Toledo and beyond. With a robust blend of activities ranging from enjoying unique cuisine and architecture tours to attending art shows, comedy clubs and festivals, your social activities palate is sure to find new, favorite flavors. Plus, you'll gain college and University faculty leaders as mentors to support your academic goals.

Fall 2019 Events

Save the dates! We’ll be offering two, free out-of-town trips on a first-come, first-served basis. More details to come.

  • Saturday, Sept. 28
  • Saturday, Nov. 2

Questions? Contact Dr. Melissa Gregory, associate dean in the College of Arts and Letters.


Last Updated: 10/30/19