School of Visual and Performing Arts

Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

The School of Visual and Performing Arts prepares students to intellectually and creatively interact and succeed in our ever-changing world. We instill a respect for traditions within the arts and encourage exploration of innovation in performance and creative work. We promote aesthetic and practical responses to creativity, and enable the understanding of, and contributions to improving the human condition.

Vision Statement

In the School of Visual and Performing Arts at the University of Toledo, we define ourselves as a distinguished leader in collaborative, creative and scholarly arts education, regionally and nationally. We will inspire our students to hold the arts in highest regard, to invest themselves in their education, and to be actively involved in creative inquiry and risk-taking. We will champion the arts as relevant, critical, and essential to our contemporary lives; to uphold artistic tradition and embrace creative innovation as vehicles for human transformation and cultural betterment.

SVPA Guiding Principles

In order to create a sense of community among all of our constituents, we will foster and further the following values:

  • A passion for the arts, shared with others through our actions and creative efforts;
  • A respect for diversity of thought and being;
  • A standard of professionalism through integrity of action;
  • An openness to critical thinking and an exchange of ideas, demanding mutual respect for diversity of opinion and response;
  • A commitment to excellence in learning, teaching, research, performance, and service;
  • A pedagogy that combines tradition and innovation with theory and practice;
  • An immersive curriculum that equips students to create solutions for the twenty-first century;
  • A pledge towards progressive evaluation and improvement of our curricular endeavors.
Last Updated: 2/17/21