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About the UToledo Department of Theatre and Film

Edmund B Lingan, Chair of the UT Department of Theatre & Film

Students in The University of Toledo Department of Theatre and Film participate in theatre productions both on and back stage, create their own films and videos, travel for arts programs in Study Abroad (Costa Rica, Hungary, Wales to name a few), participate in special master classes with guest artists, land internships with organizations such as Disney, Viacom and others.  In addition guest artists from all over the world work with students as designers, directors, filmmakers and performers through our international connections.

Every production each season is a top-notch work. By the way, auditions for upcoming productions are always open to all, not just students. Visit our Auditions page for details/dates. We are extremely pleased with our upcoming season. Visit the Current Season page for show information, tickets and performance dates. 

– Edmund Lingan, Chair

Mission Statement

The Department of Theatre and Film at the University of Toledo, an undergraduate liberal arts department, actively engages students in creative practice, critical thinking and cross cultural/global exchange through the study and practice of live productions and cinema.

Vision Statement

By interacting with emerging technologies and engaging with work from the experimental to the mainstream, we empower students to be thoughtful & productive scholars, artists, professionals and individuals, helping to expand their social, cultural and artistic understanding throughout the public realm.

UT Department of Theatre & Film Supports Diversity

The Department of Theatre and Film strongly endorses a policy of individual and collective respect for each member of our diverse community.  Theatre and the mediated arts of film and video represent a fundamental form of human expression present in all known human cultures.  Thus, they transcend boundaries of gender, sexuality, politics, nationality, geography, culture, and historical epoch.  We strive to communicate and to understand; indeed, successful work in our field requires empathy without judgment. 

As a discipline, we have battled censorship for more than 2,000 years, and as a department, we seek to ensure all groups and individuals the right to speak within an arena of civility and mutual respect. Our department strives to provide a safe and supportive educational environment that both nurtures all components of human experience and functions as a crucible for creative expression.

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University of Toledo Department of Theatre & Film Bylaws (updated 2/1/2016)
Last Updated: 1/31/22