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Career Services is committed to fostering a safe and healthy work environment for all on-campus student employees and hiring departments this fall. All student employees will be expected to follow the infection control steps outlined in the Rocket Prevention Principles.


Those actions include wearing face coverings when working on campus, performing health assessments, and temperature checks prior to reporting to work, maintaining a 6-foot distance from others, and keeping a clean personal workspace.  All students, including on-campus student employees, should sign the Student Safety Commitment, which can also be accessed in their MyUT Portal. 

Full details of the Rocket Prevention Principles are available on the Rocket Restart website. 


Fall 2020 Dates 

Federal Work-Study

START: AUGUST 15, 2020 END: DECEMBER 11, 2020

Non-Federal Work-Study

START: AUGUST 15, 2020 END: DECEMBER 4, 2020

General Guidelines for Fall Semester

Based on recent questions and discussions, Career Services wants to clarify and reiterate some key information regarding on-campus student employment.

On-Boarding Paperwork
All new on-campus student employees must fill out the on-boarding paperwork, including the PIF, Fraud, and I-9 form. On-campus hiring departments are responsible for ensuring all students complete each document correctly. Hiring departments must meet with students in-person to complete Section 2: Employment and Eligibility Verification of the 1-9 form. Refer to the Career Services On-Campus Employers website for more guidance on filling out the I-9 form.

Remote Work

On-campus student employees can work remotely if their job descriptions and positions allow it. All remote work must be approved, and hours tracked through their direct supervisor.

Absence Due to Illness
All on-campus student employment positions are part-time, temporary positions. Student employees who are ill should contact their direct supervisor and primary care provider. They should not report to work. If student employees are absent for an extended period due to illness, students should work with their departments to ensure schedules are covered. On-campus student employees are not entitled to sick pay or extended leave.

COVID-19 Testing
UToledo will have COVID-19 testing available on Main Campus and Health Science Campus for all symptomatic students, faculty, and staff. Call 419.383.4545 to report symptoms, including the first onset (date and time) of symptoms. If symptoms are consistent with the need to test, individuals will be provided an appointment for testing. Visit the University’s COVID-19 resource website for updates and information.

On-Campus Student Employment Classification
On-campus student employment positions are classified as part-time, temporary positions. Student employees are not considered University employees and are not eligible for University benefits, including tuition waiver, paid vacations and holidays, and sick leave. On-campus student employees do not generally qualify for unemployment benefits (see below)

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CARES Act & Unemployment Benefits

Typically, on-campus student employees are not eligible for unemployment benefits due to their job classification and student status. The federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) expand unemployment to additional individuals impacted by COVID-19.

The Department of Labor recently clarified that full-time students working part-time jobs — including on-campus employment — may be eligible for unemployment benefits through the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Program, provided they meet the criteria established through the CARES Act. The program applies to both on- and off-campus employment.

Students will qualify for benefits if they are unemployed, partially unemployed, unable, or unavailable to work because the individual:

  • Has been diagnosed or is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 (or household members are);
  • Is providing care for a family or household member who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, or for a child whose school or childcare center closed due to COVID-19;
  • Is unable to get to work or commence employment due to COVID-19-related travel restrictions, a business shutdown due to emergency declarations, self-quarantine, a job offer reversal, or is an independent contractor forced to suspend operations;
  • Has become the head of household due to a COVID-19 death; or
  • Is unable to work due to health ramifications of previous COVID-19 experience.

Under the CARES Act provisions and DOL guidance, the following groups of students should now be eligible for UI benefits in all states if they are unemployed due to one of the criteria listed above:

  • Students who were enrolled full-time and working part-time.
  • Students who were enrolled part-time and working, but who did not earn enough to qualify for regular UI.
  • Students graduating in spring 2020 who lost a job during the semester due to COVID-19 (regardless of whether they had secured a post-graduation employment offer).
  • Students who work for gig economy platforms, like Uber or Lyft, or were self-employed (as tutors, etc.) but lost that income stream because of COVID-19.
  • Recent graduates who have a post-graduation or summer offer of employment that falls through due to COVID-19, even if they were not working while enrolled in school.

For more information on the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Program and to apply for unemployment insurance benefits, visit the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services and click “Apply here for Pandemic Unemployment Insurance,”  to start the application process. Although jobs may have been eliminated back in March and April, students should apply for the benefit through Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Program as soon as possible. Students may be eligible for retroactive benefits, which could provide substantial assistance during this unprecedented time.

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