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A Message from the Council Chair


On behalf of the College Council I welcome you to the 2014-15 academic year! The College Council serves as the legislative branch of the College and oversees its academic policies, curricula, academic programs, academic standards, and its degree requirements. The Council is composed of two representatives from each department and this year includes Thor Mednick and Chris Burnett from art; Sumitra Srinivasan and Brian Patrick from communication; Lee Heritage and me from music; and Daniel Thobias and Tammy Kinsey from theatre/film.

Should any faculty member wish the Council to discuss an item, please feel free to contact me or any Council representative. We meet this year every second Thursday of each month in CPA 1004 and we have also reserved the fourth Thursday as needed. Meetings are open to all CoCA faculty members.

Those of you who attended the Dean’s opening meeting this year heard some encouraging words from the Interim Provost. Several faculty members left the meeting feeling optimistic with regard to what many feel have been long-needed changes in administrative practices at the University. There was a sense of a return to an academy in which shared governance and collegiality will be realized through a demonstrable respect for faculty input, not one in which faculty opinion sometimes seems “tolerated” at best; an academy where unfunded research will be valued alongside funded research, which is especially important to us in communication and the visual and performing arts areas; an academy in which faculty load calculation is not based entirely on dollars and cents, but also on the professional goals and activities of each faculty member; an academy which provides the departments time and thought with respect to faculty searches, and not one in which academic units “lose the line” if not filled within tight time limits; and an academy in which a healthy balance between academic and practical concerns is practiced. In iterating the above, I don’t think that I am looking through rose-colored glasses. Instead, I believe that our Interim President and Provost are academicians first and will be guided in large part by academic concerns. I hope we can all work with them in reestablishing an institution in which most of us feel we are moving in the right direction.

Lastly, we hope CoCA faculty members can find time from their busy schedules to attend as many presentations and performances as practically possible from among the array of activities presented by the College. CoCA faculty and students are as creative as any to be found in most any university today.

We hope you have an excellent and productive year.

Raymond Marchionni, chair

CoCA College Council 2014-15

CoCA Council Meetings

Council meetings for 2014/15 will be held the second Thursday of each month from 11:45 - 1:15 in CPA 1004. In September & October there may also be meetings on the 4th Thursday, if needed. Meeting dates for Spring 2015 are: February 12, March 26, April 9 & April 30.

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CoCA College Constitution, Adopted April, 2014

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CoCA Graduate Student Grievance Procedure, Adopted September 2014

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