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John H. Russel Center for Educational Leadership :  Astin Symposium

The Astin Symposium in May 2000, attended by 200 alumni, students, and distinguished friends of The University of Toledo was the premiere event of the John H. Russel Center for Educational Leadership in recent years.  The Astin Symposium was a collaborative effort between The University of Michigan and The University of Toledo.

Events included a student awards banquet, a review of thesis and dissertation research posters created by UT students of Higher Education, dinner, a keynote address “Making Good on the University’s Commitment to Service” presented by Dr. Alexander Astin, and a dessert reception.

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Alexander W. Astin is Allan M. Cartter Professor of Higher Education at the University of California, Los Angeles and Director of the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA. He has served as Director of Research for both the American Council on Education and the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. He is the Founding Director of the Cooperative Institutional Research Program, an ongoing national study of some nine million students, 250,000 faculty and staff, and 1500 higher education institutions.

Dr. Astin has authored 18 books and some 300 other publications in the field of higher education. Major areas of inquiry include the outcomes of higher education, values in higher education, institutional quality, institutional leadership, equality of opportunity and access, assessment and research methodology, citizenship, and the interface between research and policy. Dr. Astin has been a recipient of eleven awards for outstanding research and service, a member of the National Academy of Education, a fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, and a recipient of ten honorary degrees. A 1990 study in the Journal of Higher Education identified Dr. Astin as the most frequently-cited author in the field of higher education. In 1985 readers of Change magazine selected Dr. Astin as the person "most admired for creative, insightful thinking" in the field of higher education. His latest book is What Matters in College? Four Critical Years Revisited (1993).

Dr. Astin is a graduate of Gettysburg College (AB, Music), and The University of Maryland (MA, PhD, Psychology), is married, and has two children.

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