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Police/Fire/Medical Response: 419.530.2600

Main Campus Non-Emergency: 419.530.2601
Health Science Non-Emergency: 419.383.2601

Fax: 419.530.4505


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Welcome Key Control

*Please be aware that our website and key ordering processes have changed

* Your key should be ready for pick-up 48 hours after you have received confirmation of its completion.  Please follow instructions on email for your pick-up location and time


Requesting a Key: 

To request a new key for faculty, staff, affiliates, graduate assistants or students, please select the link below:

 Key Request

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* For step by step instructions on how to use the key request forms please click here

* Your confirmation email is required when picking up a key


If you are an approver, please click here to view all pending requests: 

Banner Workflow

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 * For step by step instructions on how to add a proxy please click here 


Important Information!

Transfer Keys:

When transferring a key from one individual to another, the person passing on the key will need to include their name and Rocket number in the "comments" section of the request along with the key number and sequence number.

By accepting a key through the transfer process, the requestor is agreeing to all terms and conditions associated with Key Control polices.  Please click here for verification of these policies.


Lost of Stolen Keys:

If your key is lost or stolen, please continue to use the form listed below. Mail the completed key request form for Lost or Stolen keys to MS 207 or drop it off at the Transportation Center, Room 1400.  

Lost or stolen keys



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Contractor Keys:

Please have the UT Project Manager complete the forms for all Contractor Key Requests.  Mail completed Contractor key request forms to MS 207 or drop it off at the Transportation Center, Room 1400.  INCOMPLETE FORMS WILL NOT BE PROCESSED.


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