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Notice To Employees
In radiation protection rules adopted under Chapter 3748 of the Ohio Revised Code, the Ohio Department of Health has established standards for your protection from radiation sources which are required to be licensed/registered with the Ohio Department of Health.
Your Employer's Responsibility
Your employer is required to:
1. Inform you of the occurrence of radiation or radiation sources and the presence of a restricted area

2. Instruct you in the safety problems associated with exposure to radiation and in precautions or procedures to minimize exposure to radiation; instruct you in the applicable laws for the protection of personnel from exposure to radiation

3. Post or otherwise make available to you a copy of the operating procedures applicable to work under the license/registration

4. Apply the radiation protection rules to all work involving licensed/registered sources of radiation

5. Post notices of violation involving radiological working conditions.
Your Responsibility As a Worker
You should familiarize yourself with those provisions of the radiation protection rules and operating procedures that apply to the work you are engaged in. You should observe their provisions for your own protection, the protection of your co-workers and others. If you should observe violations of the law, or have a safety concern, you should report them to your supervisor. You may also report them to ODH.
What is Covered by These Rules:
1) Limits on exposure to radiation and radioactive materials in restricted and unrestricted areas;
2) Measures to be taken after accidental exposures;
3) Personnel monitoring; surveys and equipment;
4) Caution signs, labels, and safety interlock equipment;
5) Exposure records and reports; and
6) Related matters.
Reports on Your Radiation Exposure History
Your employer is required to advise you of your dose annually if you are exposed to radiation for which monitoring was required by ODH or upon request. In addition, you may request a written report of your exposure when you leave your job.
All activities covered by the ORC 3748 and other radiation protection laws are subject to inspection by representatives of the Ohio Department of Health. ODH inspectors want to speak or talk with you if you are worried about radiation safety or have other safety concerns about licensed/registered activities. Your employer may not prevent you from talking with an inspector. The ODH will make all reasonable efforts to protect your identity where appropriate and possible. If you believe that your employer has not corrected violations involving radiological working conditions, you may request an inspection. Your request should be addressed to the Ohio Department of Health, Bureau of Radiation Protection, and must describe the alleged violation in detail. It must be signed by you, or your representative.
Your employer is prohibited from firing or otherwise discriminating against you for bringing safety concerns to the attention of your employer or the ODH. You may not be fired or discriminated against because you: - ask the ODH to enforce the law against your employer; - refuse to engage in activities that violate the law; - provide information or are about to provide information to the ODH or your employer about violations of laws or safety concerns; - are about to ask for, or testify, help, or take part in an ODH or other state proceeding. The ODH will investigate each allegation of harassment, intimidation, or discrimination.

Contact Information

Bureau of Radiation Protection
Ohio Department of Health
246 N. High Street 
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Phone: (614) 466-1390

Radiologic Licensure Questions - (614)752-2370
Posting Requirements
Copies of this notice must be posted in a sufficient number of places in every facility where employees are engaged in activities subject to the radiation protection rules of the Ohio Administrative Code to permit employees working in or frequenting any portion of a restricted are to observe a copy on their way to or from their place of employment. OSHA requires 29 CFR 24 Appendix A "Energy Reorganization Act" Poster be displayed when applicable. HEA 5503(Rev. 11/17)
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