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All courses taught at The University of Toledo — online or face to face — should provide an opportunity for student evaluations. UToledo Online is prepared to assist department chairs and faculty members in their efforts to provide this opportunity and to gather and share online course evaluation results.

If your college/department/program has a procedure and an instrument for online course evaluation and needs assistance in administering it, the department chair or their designee should contact UToledo Online help desk. Please do so at the beginning of the semester to ensure the survey is available to students. UToledo Online supports two methods for survey deployment:

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In-course Surveys

Online in-course surveys are similar to a Blackboard test or exam and when deployed the survey also creates a grade center column. This column can be hidden from instructor view ensuring anonymity of students. The department, instructor or the help desk can deploy the survey each term.

We recommend downloading the survey results after the final grades are submitted. The entire process can be managed by the instructor or TA.

The survey results remain in the course for download at any time unless the survey is deleted or the grade center is cleared. Note: help desk does not automatically deploy surveys, requests must be made each term. Please make your request early in the term. The normal response period is the last two weeks of the term excluding exam week.

After the response period ends

Downloading in-course evaluation results, which are accessed through the grade center

If you do not see the survey in the grade center, please do the following to reveal the column:
instructions, go directly to step 3 but instead of "hiding" you want to "show." If you do not find a survey here, you did not release one for this term.

Enterprise Surveys

Relatively automated and highly successful Blackboard Enterprise Survey tool exists independent of the grade center and the survey results remain in the course for download at any time. Raw data is always available on request from the help desk.  Please make your requests as early as possible in the term, especially if using Enterprise Survey for the first time. Colleges or departments using Enterprise Surveys must submit a request for each term they wish to use the Enterprise Survey tool

About Blackboard's Enterprise Survey (screen previews)

A survey button in the upper right corner of the course becomes visible to students about two weeks before the end of the term. A link to the survey is also sent to their rockets email. We can send reminder emails every 3-5 days to those who haven’t responded. Initial survey release and reminder email schedules can be customized meet your needs.

The process is secure and completely anonymous. All data are collected and stored separately from the course. Blackboard confirms the unique identity of each student to the course, and applies a unique identifier and date/time stamp on receipt of the survey —

    • the student must either be in the course, or
    • the student must be using their Rockets email at the time they take and submit the survey.

Instructors do not see a survey or link in the course and do not receive an email. Survey results are accessed via a link in the course site, after the registrar’s due date; this link is never removed from the course. 

Downloading Survey Results

Enterprise Survey has proved beneficial for programs and departments. Response rates are generally upwards of 50% when compared to in-course online surveys. Grouped or comparative data is available to chairs and program directors on request. 

We recommend making your survey open and available the last two weeks of the term excluding exam week. We advise waiting to download/generate the survey results until after final the grades are submitted. Please refer to the guides at the bottom of this page if you need assistance downloading the results or contact our help desk.

Please note: chairs and directors need to request the survey deployment each term and specify the survey response period, e.g. last two weeks of the term.

Optional Instruments

If your department does not have a procedure, faculty may use our suggested course evaluation tools and make them available to students in Blackboard.

1. Online Course Design Evaluation*  This PDF version is only intended for preview. Instructions for deploying this evaluation are included below.
This instrument focuses on the design of online courses, NOT the performance of the course instructor.

  • Students will use the scale from 1 (Strongly Disagree) to 4 (Strongly Agree) to make their evaluations.
  • If an item is not applicable, students may leave that response blank.
  • Students have the option to leave additional comments for each question.
  • Student responses to this evaluation are anonymous; no identifying information will be attached to their answers.

If you would like to have this evaluation sent to your students, please send a request to utlv@utoledo.edu. This evaluation is deployed using the Enterprise Survey tool in Blackboard. Students will see an option to take the evaluation from inside of the Blackboard course site and will also receive an email with a direct link to take the evaluation.

*Please note that if you applied for course development funds from UToledo Online, the design evaluation will be administered when it is offered the first time.


2. Online Teaching Evaluation (PDF) for your review not for upload to Blackboard, please request a .zip file for upload to Bb.

This instrument was designed to evaluate teaching effectiveness of the instructor.

  • Students will use the scale from 1 (Strongly disagree) to 5 (Strongly agree) to make their evaluations.
  • If an item is not applicable, students will leave that response blank.
  • Student responses to this evaluation are anonymous; no identifying information will attach to their answers. 

Guides and Documentation

Below are some links to documentation related to course evaluations.

Importing a Test, Survey, or Pool Using a .zip package.

Deploying a Survey

Editing the Survey Options

Viewing Survey Results

Downloading Raw Data

Sorting and Filtering Data in Excel

Downloading SPSS

Processing Data in SPSS

Importing and Publishing a Test or Survey using Respondus

Setting Up Test and Survey Settings Using Respondus

Accessing Enterprise Survey Results

Last Updated: 7/3/19