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Blackboard Browser Check

**At this time, it is highly recommended that you use Google's Chrome browser to access your online course(s) in Blackboard Learn, the University's learning management system.**

In order to verify that your system meets the minimum software requirements for accessing Blackboard Learn, you can visit Blackboard's Browser Checker page. 

If you receive any warnings or errors on the Browser Checker page, please use the resources listed below to install missing plugins and adjust any settings as needed.

Go to "Blackboard Browser Check" page

If you need help, please contact the help desk:

The Browser Checker will indicate if Cookies are enabled. At a minimum, Blackboard requires Cookies to be enabled in your browser.

The browser check will also tell you if your operating system is supported and if some other features/add-ins are enabled.  

Within your course, however, you may discover that your instructor requests you to download other software.


Adobe Reader 
from Adobe is used in many web pages to display PDF (portable document format) files. It is always recommended to use the most current version of the Adobe Reader.

Adobe Flash Player
software from Adobe that is used to display some multimedia. 

Last Updated: 2/15/21