University of Toledo

The Economic Impact of the Opioid Epidemic
in Northwest Ohio

The opioid epidemic continues to be a serious public health issue affecting every state in the nation. In addition to the toll opioid abuse takes on human life, the crisis is affecting our economic well-being. In metropolitan Toledo — Lucas, Wood, Fulton and Ottawa counties — the number of fatal opioid overdoses has risen from less than two dozen in 2007 to more than 145 annually in each of the last three years.

Each of those losses causes significant damage to the regional economy, both directly from lost spending, wages and productivity, and indirectly from lower employment and other trickle-down effects. A 2019 analysis from The University of Toledo puts the total impact of overdose death at $1.6 billion.

$ 1.6B



Direct impact of each opioid overdose death


Overdose deaths directly attributed to opioid overdose in 2017


Total lost economic output directly related to those 147 overdose deaths


Indirect impact, or spillover effect, of overdose deaths


Total economic impact of the opioid crisis in metropolitan Toledo


Metropolitan Toledo’s gross domestic product in 2017


Region’s total gross domestic lost to opioid crisis


Full-time equivalent jobs lost in 2017 across the region because of the opioid epidemic

Last Updated: 6/27/22