Internship & GCTEC Practicum


As part of the PSNE program of study, Project Prepare students will complete a 3-credit hour internship (120 clock hours).  The internship will be completed in a preschool classroom serving young children with intensive needs.  If you are currently working in a preschool classroom serving young children with special needs, you can use that time to complete the internship.  You will not need to complete the internship hours outside of your regular position.  If you are currently not teaching in a preschool setting, you are still eligible for Project Prepare.  To complete the internship requirement, you would need to find a preschool setting to complete the internship during the last summer term of the program.

GCTEC Practicum

The GCTEC Practicum is a 2-credit hour course (60 clock hours) that focuses on Inter-professional Teaming.  Students conduct a case study focusing on one or more children with special needs in an inclusive setting.  The case study will include assessment, development, implementation, and assessment of intervention plans; technical training of site staff and families; and reflection.  Students will create a dissemination of their practicum results.  The practicum, unlike the internship does not necessarily need to take place in a preschool setting.  

Last Updated: 6/27/22