Computer Equipment Purchases

Computer purchases:

The procurement of computers will be approved by Information Technology to ensure that new computers are in line with our university strategic initiatives including quality, cost reduction, durability, and serviceability. Computers purchased from other sources without approval may not be supported by Information Technology.

The following vendor sites and associated computers are approved by IT for University non-bulk computer purchase. To view the University's computer purchasing policy click here.

For non-bulk purchases, purchase card holders must obtain Information Technology approval for any computer purchases made via purchase card. Bulk purchases of computing equipment should be made through standard purchasing processes. Click here to go to the purchasing web site.


University purchases: For purchases of University owned devices, please visit for a list of our approved desktop and laptop computers.  Please contact the Purchasing department if you need an account to access the website.

Personal purchases: Dell is offering special discounts for The University of Toledo’s students, faculty and staff for personal purchases of Dell computers. The website offers a range of choices that we believe will meet the needs of most home users. To check prices, get more information, or place an order, go to: or call Dell Direct at 1-888-973-3355.


University purchases: For purchases of University owned devices and software for any campus office or computing laboratory, you will need an Apple account associated with the University of Toledo. Please refer to the link below for instruction on how to set-up an account.

If you have a University Apple account, please visit the link below for access to the Apple Store for University of Toledo employees.

Personal purchases: for personal purchases of Apple computers, other hardware, and software, please visit: 

To request help with your computer, please click here –, or call x2400 from either campus to talk to the IT Help Desk.

Last Updated: 9/27/19