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The Designer Juris Doctor (J.D.) Joint Degree Program offers students the opportunity to earn two graduate degrees in an accelerated period of study (generally four years for all JD-Masters degrees). A Designer Joint Degree is customized based on the individual students’ desires and can lead to accelerated completion of the J.D. and another graduate program even if the degree they want to earn alongside the J.D. is not one of the four degrees for which the College of Law offers an established program. Toledo Law strongly supports Designer Joint Degree programs and is committed to working with each student to help them chart a path towards educational and professional success.

It is also possible to combine study at the University of Toledo College of Law with graduate work at another institution.



The designer joint degree program leads to the awarding of two degrees. It requires that students be admitted to each program independently. 

Graduate programs available at the University of Toledo are available here

The College of Law cannot guarantee that all UT Graduate programs will be able to accept 12 law credit hours toward the joint degree, but we will work with the individual programs to facilitate an agreement. 



The College of Law requires the successful completion of 89 credit hours for the J.D. degree.

Students interested in pursuing a joint degree must enroll for the first 30 credit hours at the College of Law (i.e., completion of the first-year curriculum).  Thereafter, they are able to begin coursework in the joint degree program. 

Per the College of Law Academic Rules, students in the joint degree program may apply up to 12 credit hours of courses completed in the joint degree toward satisfaction of the 89-hour requirement once approved by the College of Law Associate Dean. Students will also need to obtain individual information on the financial aid and/or scholarship consequences of pursuing a Designer Joint Degree.

For more information, please contact:

Geoffrey Rapp
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Law

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Last Updated: 7/3/19