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Founded in 1906, Toledo Law has been accredited by the American Bar Association since 1939 and joined the Association of American Law Schools in 1941. Toledo Law is located in the heart of Northwest Ohio, a short drive from both Michigan and Indiana.

Who We Are

Toledo Law has flexible courses of study, including:

Entering Class Profiles

Fall 2018 Entering Class: 97 students (89 full-time and 8 part-time)


  • 75% LSAT: 154
  • Median LSAT: 152
  • 25% LSAT: 147
  • 75% GPA: 3.70
  • Median GPA: 3.43
  • 25% GPA: 3.11


  • 75% LSAT: 151
  • Median LSAT: 150
  • 25% LSAT: 148
  • 75% GPA: 3.64
  • Median GPA: 3.56
  • 25% GPA: 3.23

All Divisions

  • 75% LSAT: 154
  • Median LSAT: 152
  • 25% LSAT: 147
  • 75% GPA: 3.70
  • Median GPA: 3.44
  • 25% GPA: 3.18

Past Profiles

What We Offer Each Student

  • Affordable tuition: Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio residents receive in-state tuition rates at Toledo Law. Toledo Law’s in-state tuition rates are the lowest of any law school in all three states. Plus, all entering students for considered for generous merit-based scholarship awards.
  • Small class sizes: Toledo Law students develop meaningful connections with peers and professors. Class sizes are small with fewer than 50 students in a typical first-year course. Over two-thirds of upper-level courses have fewer than 25 students per section. 
  • World-renowned faculty: Our faculty is highly committed to student success, with personal attention to each student and a “no appointment required” open door policy.
  • Broad range of career prospects: Toledo Law graduates work in a variety of careers in both the public and private sectors including law firms, businesses, judicial clerkships, federal and state judgeships, government, and public interest organizations throughout the U.S. and abroad.
  • Connected alumni: With over 7,700 alumni in 48 states, the District of Columbia, and 8 foreign countries, Toledo Law has a very active and supportive local, national, and international alumni network.
  • Engaged student body: Toledo Law students hail from 84 undergraduate institutions with 71 different undergraduate majors.  They come from nine states and five foreign countries. With over 20 student organizations, Toledo Law’s strong community draws nationally recognized speakers and symposia programs.
  • Diverse curriculum: Toledo Law has ten first-year required courses and a broad range of electives including experiential learning courses, flex courses, and faculty-supervised advanced research and writing projects in fields of personal interest to each student. We also offer mock trial and moot court programs, as well as guaranteed clinical and externship opportunities.
  • Public service emphasis: Since 2007, 275 students have earned the Public Service Commendation, which is awarded for over 30 hours of unpaid law-related public service work completed in a semester. Toledo Law's Office of Professional Development assists students in identifying public service opportunities and encourages students to connect with engaged alumni to participate in public service work.

For more information, please contact the Law Admissions Office at 419.530.4131 or

Last Updated: 8/21/19