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August 2014

Congratulations to our predoctoral fellow-Ms. Ying Nie for being selected for oral presentation at the upcoming American Heart Association-Council on Hypertension meeting to be held in San Francisco, CA.


July 2014

Congratulations to our predoctoral student, Ms. Resmi Pillai for the Best Paper Award for 2013 from the Journal-Physiological Genomics of the American Physiological Society.


September 2013

Dr. Bina Joe successfully renewed her funded RO1 grant from the NHLBI, NIH.  The current 5-year term of the renewal period continually supports a longstanding research  project at UT on the Genetics of Hypertension through years 36-40.


July 2013

Congratulations to Dr. Salah-uddin Ahmed, Department of Pharmacology, College of Pharmacy, for receiving an R01 grant from the NIH! Dr. Salah-uddin Ahmed is a member of the Center for Hypertension and Personalized Medicine.


June 2013

Congratulations to the Center members, Dr. Steven Haller and his postdoctoral mentor, Dr. Christopher J. Cooper, Department of Medicine! Dr. Haller's translational research proposal on the renal and vascular role of CD40  received a postdoctoral fellowship grant awarded by the American Heart Association.  The funded proposal is based on their ongoing collaborative research with the Physiological Genomics Program in the Center for Hypertension and Personalized Medicine.


April 2013


Congratulations to our predoctoral student, Mr. Harshal Waghulde for being selected for oral presentation at the Experimental Biology Meeting held in Boston.  Harshal won a Research Appreciation Award from the Physiological Genomics Group of the American Physiological Society.


November 2012

On Nov 7, the Center for Hypertension and Personalized Medicine participated in the PhUn Week event sponsored by the American Physiological Society.  Dr. Joe visited second graders in Highland Elementary and had an exciting Q & A session on 'Who is a Physiologist?' and 'What does the Heart do?'. For more on this outreach activity, please visit the Sylvania School Teacher website of Mrs. Kim Hennessy:


September 2012

Physiological Genomics, a journal of the American Physiological Society named Dr. Joe as the new Section Editor of /Molecular Genetics of Complex Traits'.  For more details, here is the Press Release from the American Physiological Society



The Center for Hypertension and Personalized Medicine was featured in the Ottawa Hills Newsletter for promoting K-12 Education through donation of Scientific Equipment to the Ottawa Hills High School. Read on...


June 2012

Congratulations to Mr. Jeremy Nixon, a High School Teacher summer researcher on the Imagine2 program funded by the National Science Foundation, who has received the 2012 Springfield High School Educator of the Year Award. Here is an excerpt on his accomplishments from his colleague who nominated him for the award, "Jeremy has received many awards, but some of the most impressive was during his work as a temporary researcher at the University of Toledo Medical Center.  He worked with Dr. Bina Joe analyzing mitochondrial DNA sequences of salt sensitive and salt resistant rats.  He determined that mitochondrial DNA does not influence hypertension in these particular types of rats and was able to publish his work, which can now be found in journal databases with this journal citation: “Mitochondrial polymorphisms in rat genetic modes of hypertension, Mamm Genome. 2010, 21(5-6):299-306.”  This is an unbelievable feat for a high school teacher.  He was able to take this new knowledge and create a classroom module for his students.  He received an award for “Best Classroom Module” in inquiry science using real-world examples".


April 2012

Congratulations to two of our trainees- Ms. Resmi Pillai and Dr. Sivarajan Kumarasamy for winning competitive trainee recognition awards at the Experimental Biology Meeting of 2012 held in San Diego, CA.


September 2011

Our team attended the Council for High Blood Pressure Meeting of the American Heart Association held in Orlando, FL. Two research presentations were recognized with competitive awards.


siva chbpr2011


Dr. Sivarajan Kumarasamy presented his work on the genetic dissection of S.SHR congenic strains for blood pressure regulation.










August 2011

The Joe Lab was featured on the Blade News.



May 2010: Dr. Bina Joe received the Young Scholar Award from the American Society of Hypertension from the organization’s president, Dr. Henry R. Black. Dr. Nader Abraham, UT professor and chair of the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, was in New York for the presentation at the society’s annual meeting.


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March 2010

The Joe Lab was featured on the WGTE Channel.  To view this program, use the following link:




Trainee Accomplishments:

Ms. Resmi Pillai: Won the third prize in the oral presentation competition for physiological genomics trainees at the Experimental Biology Meeting, April 2012, San Diego, CA.

Dr. Sivarajan Kumarasamy: was awarded the trainee recognition award at the 'Trainee Highlights' session of the Physiological Genomics group of the American Physiological Society meeting, April 2012, San Diego, CA

Mr. Edward J. Toland: Selected for oral presentation at the International Mammalian Genome Society Meeting held in 2007 at Montreal,Canada.





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