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Program Graduates

MSBS program

 Year  Name Thesis topic Major Advisor
2001 Dorbu, Gorwin Comparison of AAPM's Protocol TG-51 with TG-21 for Clinical Reference Dosimetry E. Ishmael Parsai, Ph.D
2002 Payette, Craig Calibration and Dosimetric Evaluation of the New 0.5cm HDR Iridivm-192 Service Using Computations of Monte Carlo and Measurement Techniques E. Ishmael Parsai, Ph.D
2002 Froehlich, Ronald Measurement and Analysis of Surface Dose and Buildup Region for Photons and Electrons on the Varian Clinac 1800 E. Ishmael Parsai, Ph.D
2002 Harjinder, Khaira Performance Review of Commercially Available computed Tomography Systems Michael Dennis, Ph.D
2003 Alkaissi, Ali Verification of Measured Beam Characteristics for Small Stereotactic Radiosurgery Fields using Various Ionization Chambers and Radiochromic Film Compared with Monte Carlo Technique E. Ishmael Parsai, Ph.D
2003 Gopalakrishnan, Mahesh Verification of Dose in Region Above Dmax for Clinical Photon Beams Using an Extrapolation and a Parallel Plate Chamber, Compared with Monte Carlo Simulation E. Ishmael Parsai, Ph.D
2003 Priyadershi, Abhinit Comparative Analysis in Calibration of Superficial X-ray Therapy Unit Using Various Ionization Chambers E. Ishmael Parsai, Ph.D
2004 Bodiker, Goldie FMRI Analysis of Inverted and Non-inverted Left-handed Subjects During Language Tasks Michael Dennis, Ph.D
2004 Chen, Chen ATechnique to Measure and Compensate for Prostate Movement for Patients Receiving Daily IMRT Treatment Using BAT System Compared with EPID E. Ishmael Parsai, Ph.D
2005 Earla, Janika The Assessment of the Effect of Cancer and Its Treatment on PET Scan F-18 FDG Tracer Distribution in Pre- And Post-Treatment and Its Relation to Myocardial Tissue Uptake Michael Dennis, Ph.D
2005 Bishwakala, Arua Evaluation of Scatter Distribution through Segmented IMRT Fields in Treatment of Head and Neck Cancer E. Ishmael Parsai, Ph.D
2005 Adhikary, Kalyan Development of Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) Software and Databases for Radiation Therapy Applications E. Ishmael Parsai, Ph.D
2005 Lee, Chul Acceptance Testing, Beam Modeling and Commissioning of 10 MV and 18 MV Photon Beams for Radiation Oncology Applications E. Ishmael Parsai, Ph.D
2005 Khadija, Murshed AComparative Analysis Between Conventional MLC Based and Solid Compensator Based IMRT Treatment Techniques. A Clinical Review After 5 Years. E. Ishmael Parsai, Ph.D
2005 Borrelli, Leonard APositron Emission Tomography System Comparison Utilizing the American College of Radiology Accreditation Phantom Michael Dennis, Ph.D
2006 Deanna. Julie Commissioning Enhanced Dynamic Wedges on a Varian 2100 C/D Machine E. Ishmael Parsai, Ph.D
2006 Hill, Todd Neutron Fluence Measurements of the Siemens Oncor Linear Accelerator Utilizing Gold Foil Activation E. Ishmael Parsai, Ph.D
2006 Reinick, Ian Retrospective study of a breast-conserving surgery with intra-operative radiotherapy, the UT-HSC experience E. Ishmael Parsai, Ph.D
2007 Patel, Chet Commissioning and Acceptance Testing of an IMRT System E. Ishmael Parsai, Ph.D
2008 Thirunelli, Peter Electron Arc Therapy: Physical measurement and Calibration E. Ishmael Parsai, Ph.D
2008 Bugno, Jake Development and Implementation of GafChromic EBT In-Vivo personal Dosimetry System E. Ishmael Parsai, Ph.D
2008 Chan, Phillip Dosimetric Verification of the ADAC Pinnacles Pencil Beam Algorithm for Clinical Electrons in Presence of Cerrobend Blocking E. Ishmael Parsai, Ph.D
2008 Carroll, Timothy Calculation of the 10th value layer of 5% borated Polyethylene for Neutron Spectrum emitted from an 18 MV Elekta Accelerator Head and for the Neutron Spectrum Found at the entrance of a Treatment Room E. Ishmael Parsai, Ph.D
2008 Khan, Nadeem Dosimetric Calculation of Thermo Brachytherapy Seed:  A Monte Carlo Study E. Ishmael Parsai, Ph.D
2008 Hack, Joshua Development and Implementation of Quality Assurance Standards for External Beam Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy E. Ishmael Parsai, Ph.D
2008 Merz, Brandon Dosimetric Comparison of Superficial X-rays and a Custom HDR Surface Applicator for the Treatment of Superficial Cancers E. Ishmael Parsai, Ph.D
2008 Walton, Dean Effect of Slit Scan Imaging Techniques on Image Quality in radiotherapy Electronic Portal Imaging Michael Dennis, Ph.D
2010 Herrick, Andrea A Dosimetric Analysis of Heterogeneity Corrections of Three Treatment Planning Algorithms E. Ishmael Parsai, Ph.D
2010 Gordon, Ian Feasibility Study of Intensity Modulation for Low Dose Rate External Beam Radiation Therapy E. Ishmael Parsai, Ph.D
2010 Pichler, Joseph IMRT plan delivery verification utilizing a spiral phantom with radiochromic film dosimetry E. Ishmael Parsai, Ph.D
2010 Bismack, Brian Implementation of the Dosimetry Check software package in computing 3D patient exit dose through generation of a deconvolution kernel to be used for patients' IMRT E. Ishmael Parsai, Ph.D
2010 Detwiler, Jordyn Dosimetric Evaluation of Three Partial Breast Irradiation Devices and the Dosimetric Effect of Tissue Thickness Surrounding a Multi-Lumen Partial Breast Applicator David Pearson, Ph.D
2010 Patel, Jalpa Commissioning, Acceptance Testing, and Implementation of an EPID Based IMRT QA System “Dosimetry Check” and Quantitative Comparisons to MapCheck E. Ishmael Parsai, Ph.D
2011 Horne, Stephanie Analysis of Irregular Surfaces with the Leipzig and Valencia HDR Skin Applicators Diana Shvydka, Ph.D
2011 Sherman, Justin The Comparison of Dose Modification Factors for Two Multi-Lumen Brachytherapy Applicators used in Partial Breast Irradiation David Pearson, Ph.D
2012 Dickerson, Edward Quantitative Analysis of the Head Scatter and Jaw Transmission Correction Factor for Commissioning of Enhanced Dynamic Wedge Fields Using a MapCHECK 2 Diode Array Diana Shvydka, Ph.D
2012 Williams, Eric Dose Modification Factor Analysis of Multi-Lumen Brachytherapy Applicator with Monte Carlo Simulation David Pearson, Ph.D
2012 Hancock, George Development of a Comprehensive Linac-based Quality Assurance Program for a Retrofitted Micro-MLC SRS Systems David Pearson, Ph.D
2012 Soni, Neelu Quantitative Assessment of the Source Attenuation for the New CT-compatible Titanium Fletcher-Suit-Delclos (FSD) Gynecologic Applicator E. Ishmael Parsai, Ph.D
2013 Koontz, Craig Monte Carlo Investigation on the Effect of Heterogeneities on Strut Adjusted Volume Implant (SAVI) Dosimetry David Pearson, Ph.D
2013 Hudson, Jason Image-Guided Adaptive Radiation Therapy: Retrospective Study and Assessment of Clinical Workflow David Pearson, Ph.D
2013 Davenport, David Development of a Quality Assurance Procedure for Dose Volume Histogram Analysis Diana Shvydka, Ph.D
2013 Fentner, David A Comparative Image Quality Analysis between Multi-Slice Computed Tomography and Cone Beam Computed Tomography for Radiation Treatment Planning Purposes Michael Dennis, Ph.D
2013 Hill, Nichole Dosimetric Verification of Respiratory-Gated Radiation Therapy using a Dynamic Phantom for Commissioning the Varian Real-Time Position Management System E. Ishmael Parsai, Ph.D

PhD program

 Year  Name Thesis topic Major Advisor
1998 Pawlicki, Todd Application of a new mixed-simulation Monte Carlo Code System to electron beam radiotherapy treatment planning with computed tomography Ayyangar Komanduri, PhD
1998 Price, Robert Jr The Measurement, Analysis, and implementation of Electron Beam Data Utilized for Interoperative Radiation Therapy at the Medical College of Ohio Ayyangar Komanduri, PhD
1998 Jiang, Bin Development of a Compensator Based Intensity-modulated Radiation Therapy System Ayyangar Komanduri, PhD
2004 Li, Jun Analysis of Dose Characteristics From Beveled Applicators in Intra‑operative Radiation Therapy (IORT) Using Monte Carlo Simulation, Water Scan Measurement and Film Dosimetry E. Ishmael Parsai, Ph.D
2004 Rakowski, Joseph Mammography Tomosynthesis Using a Coupled Source and Detector in a C-arm Configuration Michael Dennis, Ph.D
2005 Hodges, Gregory Measurements of Total Cross Sections on the n=2 Excitation of Helium from the Impact of 10-25 keV Protons Thomas Kvale, Ph.D /
Michael Dennis, Ph.D.
2006 Zhang, Zhengdong Three-dimensional quantitative dose reduction analysis in MammoSite balloon by Monte Carlo calculations E. Ishmael Parsai, Ph.D
2008 Kang, Jun Thin film CdTe as a high energy X-ray photon detector material for medical application E. Ishmael Parsai, Ph.D
2008 Pearson, David Evaluation of Dosimetric Properties of 6 MV& 10 MV Photon Beams From a Linear Accelerator with no Flattening Filter E. Ishmael Parsai, Ph.D
2011 Xiance, Jin Evaluation of large area polycrystalline CdTe detector for diagnostic X-ray imaging E. Ishmael Parsai, Ph.D
2012 Gautam, Bhoj Study of Dosimetric and Thermal Properties of a Newly Developed Thermo-brachytherapy Seed for Treatment of Solid Tumors E. Ishmael Parsai, Ph.D
2013 Sperling, Nicholas An Algorithm for the Reconstruction of an Entrance Beam Fluence Using Virtual Exit Electronic Portal Images E. Ishmael Parsai, Ph.D
2014 Paudel, Nava Nanoparticle-aided Radiation Therapy: Micro-dosimetry and Evaluation of the Mediators Producing Biological Damage Diana Shvydka, Ph.D
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