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Provisional track in the MSBS-medical physics program

Criteria for "Provisional" acceptance track in the MSBS-medical physics program

A student may apply for and be granted “Provisional” acceptance into the Medical Physics MSBS program. This track is full time and designed for students who have an academic undergraduate degree in science or an allied health program but do not meet the prerequisites for “Regular” admission.

Students who are “Provisionally” accepted must complete the following to obtain regular acceptance to the MSBS medical physics program and continue with the requirements of the graduate degree.

  • Fulfill the pre-requisite requirements of the program within 1 year
  • An individual plan of study for each candidate will be developed based on the identified MSBS program pre-requisite deficiency and English language proficiency. The pre-requisites are based on requirements of eligibility for the initial certification in Radiological Physics by the American Board of Radiology (ABR), which is a BS degree in Physics or BS degree in other fields that are equivalent to a minor in Physics. For example, at the University of Toledo the following courses are required to obtain a minor in physics:
    • Physics 2130 - Physics for Science and Engineering Majors I (or Physics 2070 – General Physics I
    • Physics 2140 - Physics for Science and Engineering Majors II (or Physics 2080 – General Physics II, or Physics 2100 - Physics with Calculus)
    • Physics 3180 - Intermediate Laboratory
    • Physics 3310 - Modern Physics I
    • Physics 3320 - Modern Physics II
    • Physics 4230 - Electricity & Magnetism I (required by the ABR)
      The total number of credit hours is 22.
  • The pre-requisite courses in Physics will be taken through the Department of Physics and Astronomy and in English through the American Language Institute on the main campus of the University of Toledo
  • Students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better at the end of each semester and have a letter grade “B” or better for the pre-requisite courses

Those who do not meet the above academic requirements within one (1) year (3 consecutive semesters) have to obtain a letter from the program director justifying the need for additional time.

Admission requirements for “Provisional” acceptance to the MSBS-Medical Physics program

The program is very competitive and therefore early applications are encouraged.

Application Deadlines:

  • To apply for Fall term -  deadline is March 31
  1. Submit the on-line application at
    Note: Your application will not be considered without the application fee paid

  2. Select the program code MSBS in Medical Physics (College of Medicine)/MD-BIMS-MS - Medical Physics

  3. Official confirmation of BS Degree(s) awarded and transcripts attested
    **Note: Copies of transcripts are not accepted. International transcripts should be evaluated into U.S. academic credentials (website addresses World Education Services or Education Credential Evaluators

    Documents must be mailed directly from the institution to the appropriate address below. Documents are official if they are sent to the Graduate School Office (see below address) directly by the issuing institution and arrive in a sealed envelope. You must provide official certified, or attested copies of all mark sheets, graduation certificates, diplomas or degree certificates needed to fulfill your admission.

    Grade Point Average = minimum 3.0 on 4.0 scale
    (an applicant with a GPA between 2.75 and 3.0 may be considered)

  4. Statement of Purpose. For the statement of purpose the student should describe professional objectives. Please indicate at the top of the page that you are applying for the Provisional track, and identify a specific interest in Radiation Oncology Physics or Diagnostic Imaging Physics program.

  5. Submission of TOEFL scores meeting these requirements:
    • TOEFL Paper = 500 out of 677
    • TOEFL Internet = 61 out of 120
  6. Resume (recommended)

  7. Three letters of recommendation
    Recommenders must send the letters directly to the College of Graduate Studies (see below address) and letters must be on letterhead
    Recommenders may directly upload their letters of recommendation

  8. Please email Tiffany Akeman at upon completion of your online application. Please allow 4-6 weeks for your application to be processed

Requirements to obtain “Regular” status in the MSBS-Medical Physics program

  1. GRE and TOEFL exams must be taken prior to applying for regular admission
    • University of Toledo Institutional code = 1845
    • Request ETS to send your scores electronically to Institutional code = 1845 (copies not acceptable)
  2. Exam score minimum requirements:  (GRE scores are valid for 5 years from test date and TOEFL scores are valid for 2 years from test date)
    • GRE scores
      - Quantitative: equal to or greater than 155
      - Verbal: equal to or greater than 146 (142 for international students)
      - Writing: equal to or greater than 3.5
    • TOEFL scores
      - TOEFL Paper = 550 out of 677
      - TOEFL Internet = 80 out of 120

Mailing address:

College of Graduate Studies
Health Science Campus
The University of Toledo
Mail Stop 1042
3000 Arlington Ave.
Toledo, OH 43614   

For questions about UT graduate program, please contact:  

Debbie Andrews
The College of Graduate Studies
The University of Toledo/Health Science Campus
Mailstop 1042
3000 Arlington Ave.
Toledo, OH 43614
phone: 419-383-4116
fax:   419-383-6140

Questions about the Medical Physics program should be addressed to: 

E.Ishmael Parsai, Ph.D., FACRO, FAAPM
Professor & Chief of Medical Physics
Director of  UT Graduate Medical Physics Program
University of Toledo Health Science Campus
Toledo, OH 43614
(419) 383-5109

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