CellPhotoChem Lab

CellPhotoChem Lab


Ajith KarunarathnePrincipal Investigator: Ajith Karunarathne
Doctor of Philosophy: Michigan State University
Post-Doctoral Research: Washington University School of Medicine
Bachelors of Science: University of Sri Jayewardenepura
Email: ajtih.karunarathne@utoledo.edu
Phone: 419-530-7880 
Lab Phone: 419-53-780


Current Group

Current Group 

Graduate Students:

Kasun Ratnayake: Fifth-Year Ph.D. student
Kasun Ratnayake
LinkedIn profile : https://www.linkedin.com/in/kasun-ratnayake-a93ab1a9/

Dinesh Kankanamge: Forth-Year Ph.D. student

Dinesh Kankanamge

Mithila Tennakoon: Third-year Ph.D. student
Mithila TennakoonI am a third-year graduate student from Sri Lanka and I joined the group in May 2017. I completed my Bachelor of Science (Honors) degree specialized in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology from the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. Before joining the group I worked as a teaching and research assistant at the Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology of Faculty of Science, University of Peradeniya.


Harshana Lakmal: Second-Year-Ph.D. student
Harshana Lakmal

Dhanushan Wijayaratna: Second-Year Ph.D. student
Dhanushan Wijayaratna

Koshala Olupothage: First-Year Ph.D. student
Koshala OlupothageI’m a first-year graduate student. I received my bachelor’s degree in Zoology with minors in Chemistry and Biochemistry from the University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka. I have gained my MSc in Molecular Life Sciences from the Institute of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Sri Lanka. Apart from science, I enjoy being outdoors and photography.


Sithurandi Ubeysinghe: First-Year Ph.D. student

Sithurandi Ubeysinghe

Undergraduate Students:

  • Elise Harmon
  • Zehra Fasih
  • Sarah Kate Becker

Former Lab Members:

Kanishka Senarath, PhD
Kanishka Senarath, PhDKanishka has graduated with her special Bachelor of Science degree in molecular biology and biochemistry from the University of Colombo in Sri Lanka. She conducted research in signal transduction using pharmacological and optogenetic tools. Kanishka graduated with her Ph.D. in spring 2019. Email: kanishka.senarath@rockets.utoledo.edu



Praneeth Siripurapu, M.S.
Praneeth Siripurapu MSPraneeth completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from the Usmania University in India. He conducted research on immune cell migration mechanisms. Praneeth graduated with his M.S. in Spring 2018. Email: Praneeth.Siripurapu@rockets.utoledo.edu


Visiting Research Scholars:

  • Saroopa Samaradivakara

Undergraduate Students:

  1. Sabrina Cereceres
  2. Jonathan Genson
  3. Jerred Pletcher
  4. Taylor Reardon
  5. Crissy Dansak
  6. Nicole Weis
  7. Steven Walton

High School Students:

  1. Kayla Kucway
  2. Kaushy Gera
  3. Scott Ross
  4. George Kim
  5. Claire Gray
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