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Teaching and learning with technology can be both challenging and engaging for instructors and students.

While technologies make it easier for instructors to create content materials with unique learning opportunities, provide prompt feedback, and improve student engagement, they also pose challenges. In order to help integrate technology effectively, the University Teaching Center provides assistance with the technology-supported teaching.

It is our desire to take the difficulty out of using technology so faculty can focus on teaching.

The following are platforms we provide assistance with for use in the classroom.


Classroom Support Services

classroom technologyThe goal of Classroom Support Services is to provide prompt, quality technical support, consultation and training for the classroom arena on both the Main and Health Science Campuses.

Contact them for an orientation to the media in your assigned classroom or with your needs or questions regarding classroom media. They will assist faculty promptly, or make every effort to connect you with the appropriate person or department.

Michael E. Haar, Assistant Director of Classroom Support Services
Carlson Library CL-0500A
Phone: 419-530-2656 (Monitored 24/7)


Echo 360 Lecture Captureecho 360 logo

Supported by Learning Ventures their Echo 360 site will provide faculty with links to written or video instructions. They will also note which classrooms have this capability.

Echo360-enabled classrooms can automatically record lectures and make them available for viewing at any time. The system synchronizes video and audio of the instructor with any content that can be displayed from the computer. The software can also be used from any campus or personal computer to record learning modules, screencasts, or tutorials. Echo360 is useful for student review, distance learning courses, web based tutorials, and much more.

Complete Echo360 Instructions (pdf)


Green Screen Studio

There are many advantages to working with a green screen because with a virtual set anything is possible. As part of the Teaching Center we provide services that will help faculty with making a video utilizing our green screen.

green screen studioWith the Green Screen faculty can create short videos that will help incorporate videos in the classroom. Submit a request form to use the green room for class purposes. The Green Screen room is located in University Hall 4290.  

Green Screen studio:

  • Full array of lighting equipment
  • DSLR Cameras
  • Lapel microphone
  • Teleprompter
  • Flat screen monitor

To reserve the Green Screen Studio email the University Teaching Center at with the date and time of the request and be sure to note if you will need technical support.


Clickers – Turning Pointstudent using a clicker

The Turning Point Clickers are a classroom response system to increase class interactivity and improve student engagement. As an additional benefit, the system enables both students and instructors to get real-time feedback on class effectiveness.

The system comprises a receiver and handheld input devices (clickers). Receivers are installed in all of UT's classrooms. Turning Point clickers are fully ADA-compliant.

Turning Point User Guides

Turning Point Tutorials


LectureTools Student Response LectureTools logo

LectureTools Student Response system is powerful, web-based alternative to traditional clickers. Make your presentations more interactive with a system that:

  • Create interactive slides to deliberately engage students using tablets, laptops, and cellphones
  • Offers more question types, such as free response and image quiz
  • Allows instructors to preview or display activity results in real-time

LectureTool FAQ

LectureTools Video Tutorials



iBooks Author brings visual richness to e-books that you read on an iPad. iBooks Author supports a wide range of dynamic content that can make an e-book feel as much like an app as a book. This rich approach has amazing potential for book authors to explore in ways that the standard e-book simply doesn’t. iBooks Author makes it simple to add text, graphics, movies, and more.

To learn more email the University Teaching Center at



iTunes U

iTunes U is a dedicated section of Apple's iTunes Music Store that features educational audio and video files from universities, museums and public media organizations for free download to PCs and mobile devices.  iTunes U allows a visitor to search, download and play educational content in the same way that they can manipulate songs, podcasts, television shows and movies.

To learn more email the University Teaching Center at




Skype logoLearn about three ways to use Skype in the classroom:  

  • Collaborate with other classes, no matter where they are

    There are endless ways to introduce your students to another class on Skype. Try a Mystery Skype lesson, the global guessing game invented by teachers or take part in a cultural exchange. Start a collaborative science investigation or international 
book club.

  • Find guest speakers and invite them into your classroom; introduce your students to 
world-class experts

    Skype in the classroom puts a world of adventurers, scientists, and world-leading experts at your finger tips. Whether you're looking for a historian, an author, or engineer, you're sure to find a fascinating speaker to invite into your classroom on Skype.

  • Take a virtual field trip anywhere in the world

    From Mount Everest's base camp to the bottom of the ocean, Skype in the classroom offers you the chance to take your 
class on an unforgettable virtual adventure. Our partners 
include museums, zoos and explorers that make extraordinary experiences free and available to classrooms anywhere in 
the world.

BlackboardBlackBoard logo

Blackboard is UT's online course management system and functions as a virtual classroom.

Please contact Learning Ventures if you have questions or would like to schedule a special training session.













Last Updated: 8/27/15