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Plan Ahead and Register option in Student Self-Service

Using the new, 'Plan Ahead and Register' option in Student Self Service, students may now create a registration plan before registration opens by utilizing the 'Plan Ahead' feature.  This feature allows students to plan out their semester schedule in advance of their registration date then, once their registration window opens, register for their classes directly from the plan.  An overview of this feature is listed below.  A PDF with more detailed instructions is also available below. 

Plan Ahead and Register User Guide (PDF)

Plan Ahead

  1. Login to your Student Self-Service account in the myUT portal.
  2. Select the 'Plan Ahead and Register' link from the My Toolkit menu.
  3. Select 'Plan Ahead' followed by the appropriate term.
  4. Choose the ‘Create a New Plan’ option then select the Basic or ‘Advanced Search’ options to search for courses.
  5. Select ‘View Sections’ to see the class sections offered.  Select ‘Add’ to add the section to your plan summary.
  6. Classes will initially appear in a pending status.  Select ‘Save Plan’ to finalize adding the sections to your plan. 
  7. You will be prompted to give your plan a name.  This will allow you to locate, edit or delete classes from your plan.
  8. You can create up to five plans per semester.
  9. *Note* registration error checking (missing prerequisites, time conflicts, etc.) does not occur in the planning

Register from a Plan

  1. Select the 'Plan Ahead and Register' link from the Toolkit menu.
  2. Choose the 'Register for Classes' option followed by the appropriate term.
  3. Select the 'Plans' tab to view the plans you have created for the term.
  4. Select the plan you wish to register from.  
  5. You can select individual classes by selecting the 'Add' option after each class.
  6. You can choose to register for the entire plan by selecting the 'Add All' option.
  7. Classes will appear in the Summary panel in a pending state.  Select 'Submit' to register.
  8. Registration error checking occurs at this time.  Any error messages appear in the upper right corner.
  9. Select 'Remove' in the Action column for any class that cannot be registered at that time.
  10. Search for any additional classes as necessary until your schedule is finalized.
Last Updated: 8/2/21