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Rocket Hall 1820

Mail Stop 342
2801 W. Bancroft St.

Toledo, OH 43606-3390
Phone: 419.530.4981

VP:   419.386.2189

TTY: 419.530.2612

Fax: 419.530.6137

Current Students

Students, professors, and Student Disability Services all have important roles to play in ensuring that appropriate accommodations are provided to eligible students. 

Students that have completed an intake can help ensure appropriate accommodations are in place each semester by:

  • registering for classes during the priority registration period;
  • requesting accommodations for the upcoming semester/ block/ clinicals/ etc.  in SAM as soon as possible after registering;
  • adjusting your accommodation request in SAM if you add/ drop or withdraw from a class;
  • if you take tests at Student Disability Services, meet with each faculty member to discuss accommodations, the testing process and fill out a testing contract (in SAM) together;
  • assisting Student Disability Services in identifying textbook information if requested;
  • notifying your Accessibility Specialist immediately of any concerns regarding your academic accommodations; and
  • adjusting your request for accommodations in SAM if, after attending class, you feel that a previously requested accommodation is no longer needed or you wish to request an additional accommodation.
Student Handbook

In the handbook you will find the following information:

SECTION 1: Students Rights and Responsibilities
SECTION 2: Admission to UT and Registering with SDS
SECTION 3: Documentation Guidelines
SECTION 4: Temporary Assistance
SECTION 5: Accommodations and Processes
SECTION 6: Other Services
SECTION 7: Accessing Accommodation via SAM
SECTION 8: Veterans
SECTION 9: Complaints
SECTION 10: Additional Helpful Information
SECTION 11: Campus Resources
SECTION 12: Community Resources

Resource Links

Test Taking Strategies

Code of Conduct


ETS: Educational Testing Service

LiveScribe Echo Smart Pen Dot Paper (Must be printed from a laser printer at 600 dpi)

LiveScribe Echo Smart Pen tutorials


WeConnect is dedicated to uniting people interested in rights and issues affecting people with disabilities, with particular emphasis on college students and access to higher education and employment issues. One of the goals of this site is to help college students with disabilities to succeed in their studies by getting the information and support they need, both through resources, links, blogs latest news, studying existing law and regulation and through personal contacts. Through this website people can also share and read other people’s stories as a source of support and comfort. We also want people using our webpage to take action by writing blogs, hosting an event or becoming involved in politics by knowing about upcoming legislation.  Also, every month our webpage will focus on a particular disability or condition to bring our visitors more information and support related to our focus of the month. Through our jobs section, we also hope to help empower people with disabilities find employment through job posting and job searching tips, and  if people have any questions we encourage them to contact us. The goal of this site is that people leave it having gained knowledge, a support system and having taken action. We were founded in 2008 as a blueprint project for Young People For. 

Career Opportunities

Careers & Community for Talented People with Disabilities offers job seekers free access to over 50,000 job opportunities nationwide, career resources, interactive interview training programs, interesting forums, great peer mentors and a large list of helpful service providers. With the school year winding down and students eager to find job placement, we're here to help. We'd greatly appreciate your assistance in our efforts to help your students with disabilities find jobs, register at (From website)

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