Parking and Transportation Services

For concerns regards the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and continued actions taken by Lime Scooters, please review the following information, COVID Safety Response.   Lime scooters will be on campus on August 10, 2020.

Electric Scooter Sharing

The University of Toledo launched an electric scooter sharing program through a company called Lime. Lime-S scooters are designed to provide an effortless experience and are a green transportation alternative for students, faculty and staff.

Please note: Lime scooters will be unavailable on campus from mid-November until approximately mid-March due to cold temperatures and inclement weather.

The battery-powered scooters are located across Main Campus and the Health Science Campus, with users locating and unlocking them through the free Lime app. The app shows real-time scooter locations, making it easy for users to find a scooter throughout campus.  After reaching their destination, riders then lock the scooter with the app. Every evening, all scooters are collected by Lime, fully charged and returned to their original location for use the next day.

Where will you ride first?


Lime-S App

How To Ride


  • Download the Lime App

  • View Nearby Scooters

  • Scan the QR code or enter number to unlock

  • Lock Up Safely when finished


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Last Updated: 6/16/21