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Commencement & Convocation

SPRING COMMENCEMENT 2020 Due to the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the spring commencement ceremonies planned for May 9 in the Glass Bowl is canceled. College of Law commencement set for May 10, College of Medicine and Life Sciences commencement scheduled for May 15, and all college convocations and honors programs planned for April and May also are canceled.

Graduating students are invited to participate in the University’s fall commencement planned for Dec. 12, 2020 in Savage Arena

March 17, 2020

To our graduating students:

By now you likely have learned that the University of Toledo, like many colleges and universities across the country, has cancelled its Spring 2020 commencement in response to the ongoing pandemic. That cancellation includes our college’s convocation and awards ceremony.

I am saddened by the loss of an opportunity to publicly acknowledge the work you have done and to celebrate your accomplishments with you and your loved ones. In my former roles at the University of North Carolina and Washington State University, I routinely made the comment that graduation is the best day of the academic year. Pausing to reflect on the successes of our students is of unique value to our academic community, and the event itself is characterized by unbridled joy.

We are exploring a variety of options, from some form of “virtual convocation” to a special ceremony later in the calendar year, to commemorate your graduation. Regardless of how we approach this, it will be an imperfect replacement for an event that marks an important milepost in your journey through life.

Please know that all of us in the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences are extremely proud of what you have accomplished, appreciate your contributions to our academic family, and anticipate great things for and from you in the years to come. We hope that you will remain connected to your college and keep us informed of where you are and what you do.

Stay safe, be well, and as always, Go Rockets!

With best wishes,
Gary M. Pollack, PhD Dean and Professor



Academic Regalia for all students is available for purchase from the University Bookstore. Information from the University Bookstore about obtaining a cap and gown for graduation is available by contacting the bookstore at (419) 530-2516. 


Seating areas are available for guests who use wheelchairs, with family seating in nearby seats.  Please notify Suzanne Lee no later than March 27, 2020 if you require accommodation assistance.

An American Sign Language interpreter can be present if you or your guest require this type of accommodation. Please contact Suzanne Lee no later than March 27, 2020 to request this service.


Information about attractions, restaurants and hotels can be found through Destination Toledo.


Each award recipient will be recognized and receive their award(s). If you are unable to attend, please make arrangements to pick up your award or have it mailed to you.


For questions or comments, please contact Suzanne Lee or (for P4 students) Dr. Megan Kaun.


Admission to the ceremony does not require a ticket; however, seating is on a first come, first served basis. Ushers will be available to direct guests to seats.


Undergraduate candidates with an overall GPA of 3.30 or higher are qualified to graduate with scholastic distinction. This GPA is calculated using all undergraduate coursework taken at The University of Toledo and all undergraduate coursework taken at other institutes, as well as any grades deleted or forgiven in accordance with UT’s Board of Trustees approved policies. No student will be awarded a level of honors above that indicated by The University of Toledo GPA. These averages and the citation they merit are as follows:

            3.3 – cum laude
            3.6 – magna cum laude
            3.9 – summa cum laude

Eligible candidates will be distinguished at the Convocation ceremony based on all academic work completed prior to the term preceding Convocation and will be notified by mail. Honors cords can be picked up at the Registrar's Office after notification from UT. The actual honors awarded at the time a degree is posted will be based on the final cumulative GPA.


For many years, the academic tradition of hooding has been a significant and cherished part of the Convocation tradition. During this on-stage ritual, the doctoral or master's hood is placed over the shoulders of the graduates to signify the professional stature attained by advanced degree holders.

Since hooding signifies the progression from student to master, the honor of hooding is customarily reserved for faculty in recognition of their role in the education of the graduates. Faculty and preceptors who hold the doctoral degree and who participated in an individual student’s academic program are eligible to hood a student. 

Preceptors who do not hold the doctoral degree who participated in an individual student's academic program are eligible to co-hood a student along with a college faculty member. Other individuals who hold a doctoral degree may also be eligible to serve as a Co-Hooder of a graduate. 

  • All Co-Hooders require advance approval from the CPPS Office of Student Affairs to participate. Students may make these requests by email NO LATER THAN APRIL 8, 2020 to Dr. Holiday-Goodman. Please use “Co-Hooder Request” in the subject line of the email.
  • Co-Hooders are required to wear academic regalia in order to participate in the convocation ceremony. If Co-Hooders do not already have their own regalia, regalia may be ordered at the University Bookstore (419) 530-2516. 
  • Co- Hooders should arrive no later than 4:30 p.m. to receive training and other important instructions. They should enter through the doors of Sullivan Athletic Complex on the northwest side of Savage Arena, and will be directed by staff to the appropriate line-up location. Co- Hooders will be seated in a designated area of the audience, in assigned seats according to the marching order of their graduating candidate.


Cards will be printed out according to the information provided on the CPPS RSVP form. Be sure to completely fill out all requested information for your degree. If your name might be difficult to pronounce, please write it phonetically on the form to ensure its proper pronunciation at the ceremony.  Cards will be distributed to you before the ceremony.

Each candidate will walk across the stage, hand his/her name card to the announcer, have his/her name read, and be congratulated by the Dean and other faculty and staff members of the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Candidates then return to their seats for the remainder of the ceremony.


Designated areas will be reserved for family and friends picture taking.  No permanent seating or placement of video cameras is permitted in these areas.  Guests should be courteous and respectful of all those wishing to take photographs.


Graduates for Summer 2020 are invited to participate in the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Spring Convocation & Awards ceremony. 



The Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences program valedictorian and Top 10% Awards will be determined based on the higher education GPA at the end of the December (fall semester) prior to Convocation. Both Fall and Spring graduates will be eligible for the recognition. The higher education GPA will be obtained from the Registrar's Office.


The Doctor of Pharmacy program valedictorian and Top 10% Awards (end of P4 year) will be determined based on the GPA for required professional division pharmacy course work. This GPA is obtained from the Registrar's Office as the Honor Society or Pharmacy GPA. It will be verified that all required courses are included. If any required courses are not included because of transfer credit (commonly Microbiology), then the GPA will be manually calculated with the appropriate transfer grade(s) included.


  • Leave personal items like coats and purses with guests. There are no facilities available for storing these items.
  • Arrive early enough to allow adequate time to line up with your classmates, at least 45 minutes before start of ceremony.
  • Bring any number of guests you wish, but enter John F. Savage Arena as a group for efficient seating.
  • Wear additional academic regalia that correspond with your honor society (for example sash, medal, ribbon, pins, etc.).
  • Follow and tag the college on Twitter and Instagram @UToledoPharmacy during the ceremony.
Last Updated: 7/29/20