Dance Marathon

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These students are the heart and soul of DM. The dancers are taught a series of dance steps throughout the night which at the end of the night will be combined together to create a long line dance that all dancers participate in. In between the different dance “lessons” dancers are free to interact with other dancers, play games, participate in themed contests, and spend time getting to know the families they are supporting.

Dancers are expected and encouraged to:

  • Stay on their feet for the full 13-hour event
  • Pay a $20 registration fee
  • To have zero zeros, meaning no dancer should raise less than $1

    Get involved

Students appointed by their organization to motivate the organization's dancers. Moralers can achieve this task by bringing snacks, dancing with the dancers, etc. This position isn't required to stay the whole time but at least 1 moraler should be in attendance for each organization the entire night.

  • Required to pay $20 registration fee
  • To have zero zeros, meaning no dancer should raise less than $1
  • Help dancers based on the needs and suggestions of their organization
Committee Member

RockeTHON (RT) has many chairmen who need help executing their responsibilities in the planning of RockeTHON. If you would like to participate in RT and fill a larger role before RT or do something other than participate as a Dancer or Moraler at RockeTHON, RT Exec can place you on a committee.

Committees are currently full. However, if you feel passionately about RockeTHON and would like to get involved, please contact the Overall Director, Julianne Putano at

 syd and hayden



Last Updated: 7/27/16