Self-Study 2010 - 2012

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The University of Toledo is pleased to present the Higher Learning Commission evaluation, "Report of Comprehensive Evaluation Visit." UT's accreditation status is continued.

2012 Self-Study Report

The University of Toledo's 2012 self-study report, "The HLC Self-Study: Shaping UT's Tomorrow" was prepared for the Higher Learning Commission. The Higher Learning Commission visited UT Feb. 27-29, 2012.

Self-Study Report

Executive Summary


The Higher Learning Commission

The Commission's work is guided by the core values of quality, integrity, innovation, diversity, inclusiveness, service, collaboration, and learning, each of which is of equal weight and importance. The Commission's vision is to be known for its distinctive strengths of integrity, flexibility, creativity, responsiveness, and risk-taking, and for its commitment to work for the common good of society.

The Criteria for Accreditation

The Criteria for Accreditation are organized under five major headings:

  • Criterion One: Mission and Integrity
    The organization operates with integrity to ensure the fulfillment of its mission through structures and processes that involve the board, administration, faculty, staff, and students.
  • Criterion Two: Preparing for the Future
    The organization's allocation of resources and its processes for evaluation and planning demonstrate its capacity to fulfill its mission, improve the quality of its education, and respond to future challenges and opportunities.
  • Criterion Three: Student Learning and Effective Teaching
    The organization provides evidence of student learning and teaching effectiveness that demonstrates it is fulfilling its educational mission.
  • Criterion Four: Acquisition, Discovery, and Application
    of Knowledge. The organization promotes a life of learning for its faculty, administration, staff, and students by fostering and supporting inquiry, creativity, practice, and social responsibility in ways consistent with its mission.
  • Criterion Five: Engagement and Service
    As called for by its mission, the organization identifies its constituencies and serves them in ways both value.

The University of Toledo is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission located at 230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500; Chicago, IL 60604. (800) 621-7440. Program-specific accreditation can be found within program-specific informational links.
  • Self Study: co-chairs spoke to SL groups 2-3x in 2008/2009

    Fall 2008

  • Appoint committee members

    August 2009

  • Criterion team meetings begin

    September 2009

  • Site visit by Dr. John Taylor

    October 2009

  • Special Emphasis open forums

    October – November 2010

  • Mission and Integrity survey

    November 2010

  • First drafts of individual criterion reports submitted for institution-wide review

    February 2011

  • First full draft of UT Self Study report available for review

    April 2011

  • Forum for university vice presidents, deans, and Faculty Senate leadership

    May 2011

  • Second full draft of Self Study report available for review

    August – September 2011

  • Senior leadership meeting

    September 2011

  • Final report review

    November 2011

  • Submit final report

    December 23, 2011

  • Self Study update/addendum

    February 8, 2012

  • Site Visit

    February 26 – 29, 2012

  • Outcome

    Summer 2012

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