Undergraduate Admission

Jahnee Horn

Jahnee Horn

Best advice for incoming freshmen:
Step outside of your comfort zone. College is the time to try a new sport, learn a new language, or travel to a new place. Strike up a conversation with the students that you sit next to in class or go a student organization event, even if you don’t know anyone there. I have found that the times I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone were the times I had the most fun!

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned in the last year?:
No path to success is linear. The curvier your path, the more lessons you learn, people you meet, and experience you gain.

Where did you go to school and your major:
I am proud to say I attended The University of Toledo, and I majored in psychology.

Favorite places on campus:
Carlson Library and the Recreation Center swimming pool.

Jahnee Horn

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Last Updated: 10/6/22