Meet the newest members of our rocket family!

Every one of our students follows a unique path. No two journeys are the same. Find out why these new Rockets chose UToledo as their next stop.

New Rocket

Meet Morgan Spooneybarger

Class of 2024, astrophysics, Monroe, Mich.

“Although it wasn't an absolute requirement, I liked the idea of being able to go to school with my twin sister. This was a big ask since we had majors that aren't widely available. Luckily, UToledo had both Astrophysics and Pharmacy. I met Rich Irving from the Physics department, and that man could be a one-man salesman for UToledo. I'm pretty shy, but he broke me out of my shell with our shared love for physics and bowling. The more I saw of UToledo, the more I loved. I felt like I belonged here."

Meet Chloe Spooneybarger

Class of 2024, pharmacy, Monroe, Mich.

“I chose UToledo because it offers something most schools don't ― a six-year pharmacy program. Add on that it has a flexible enough schedule that I can participate in the Honors College and the Rocket Marching Band, and I was sold. I love that even during a pandemic I have had excellent communication with my advisors. The tuition, along with the generous offers for merit and the scholarships I received, makes my Pharm.D. dream achievable."

Meet Sammi Mikonowicz

Class of 2024, early childhood education, Rossford, Ohio

“I wanted to stay close to home and play sports. UToledo gave me the opportunity to continue to play basketball, and my family can still support me and watch me play. The coaches and everyone at UToledo were welcoming. My mom is a teacher and went to UToledo, so I know they have a good education program.”

Meet Trey Edwards

Class of 2024, pre-law, Toledo, Ohio

“I always had a dream to go away to school, but UToledo is a good school in my own backyard. It was the best option financially and for the career I want to go into. I want to be a patent attorney, and UToledo has a good law school. I spent time on campus all through high school as a student in the Excel program, and I always liked it.”

Meet Rhiannon Kidd

Class of 2024, nursing, Lambertville, Mich.

“I want to be a nurse practitioner, and UToledo has a good nursing program. I’m the oldest in my family, and my mom is about to have my fifth sibling, so I wanted to be close to home. I’m comfortable on campus because my senior year of high school I took two semesters of College Credit Plus classes at UToledo. I made some great friends and had great professors. This relieves some of the anxiety about going to college.”

How does your UToledo story begin? We can’t wait to hear it!

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What’s the title of your life story’s next chapter?

With more than 100 programs and majors, UToledo is the place to write the next part of your story — a story that can continue without traveling all that far from where it began.

What do you need most to have a successful freshman year?

If you want to have a full college experience, UToledo offers everything you’d hope for without the uncertainty of spending your first year far from home.

What comes to mind when you think about paying for college?

If “anxiety” is your first thought, we can help. Our Tuition Guarantee locks in your tuition for four years. Scholarships, grants, work-study and off-campus jobs make your degree attainable.

What would your personal or professional superpower be in college?

UToledo is small enough for faculty to offer personal support to define your superpowers — and big enough to give you experiences to develop them.

How do you want to experience the wider world at college?

UToledo draws students from across the U.S. and the world who want to study abroad or land a key research position, internship or co-op. We offer it all.

What do you imagine doing in your free time in college?

Our Rockets tell us they grow just as much outside the classroom as in it. You can build leadership skills, network and make lifelong friends through one of our more than 400 student organizations.

Parent to Parent

"UToledo’s nursing program is fantastic. A lot of kids from my daughter’s high school were coming here, so knowing she knew people made me feel better. The campus is beautiful, and it’s affordable. When we visited, it was reassuring that it was safe and had security. The Facebook pages I joined for parents and the Class of 2023 were awesome. They taught me more than I could have learned looking things up for myself."

Candi Bruback, Napoleon, Ohio
Candi and Dave Bruback’s daughter Kennedy is a nursing student in the Class of 2023.

"We have an older son at UToledo in pharmacy. He is getting a quality education. Our younger son Adam has wanted to be a cop since he was 3 years old, and we were impressed with the criminal justice professors when we visited. They had so much firsthand experience, one with more than 30 years in criminal justice. They told us that if you don’t show up for class, they’ll call you."

Sherri Szabo, New Brunswick, Ohio
Sherri and Jon Szabo's son Adam is a criminal justice major in the Class of 2023.

“The first time we visited, we met with a physics professor. The first question we asked was, ‘What are the career opportunities for someone with a bachelor’s degree in astronomy?’ He reassured us. He told us that undergraduates can do research and be published in refereed journals. That doesn’t happen anywhere else. We checked out other programs, and this shined above the others.”

Dan Tripp, Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich.
Dan, Kim and Hannah Tripp helped Emma (front) move in last year. Emma is an astronomy major in the Class of 2023.

“Our daughter is a junior at UToledo and loves it. When our son Mike visited, he felt the same way. He really liked the business program and the campus layout. He felt comfortable here. Even for out-of-state students, it’s affordable."

Lindsay Klemczak, New Carlisle, Ind.
Lindsay and Jerry Klemczak’s son Mike majors in sales and operation and supply chain management in the Class of 2023. Their daughter Katie is a senior majoring in speech language pathology.

Last Updated: 10/6/22